About Us

More than 11 years ago, we were born like an Internet Tourism Company, understanding that there was a non-satisfied need in those people who came to Chile looking for a quality and efficient travel service, so we put our minds into become the company who fulfilled that empty space.

After thousands of well satisfied clients, we can say we’ve achieved our goal but there is still a long road ahead of us.
Our mission is to make every travel we sell, a dream travel. We know that there are always imponderables, but also that  what makes us different, is to think ahead of it and give reliable travel solutions to our customers.

Because we know and live in Chile. We know the services and the places that you want to know in Chile. We‘ve already been in the Great North, between the Cordillera and the Sea, from Putre and the Chungará Lake to Arica and Iquique; we’ve walked by the Atacama Desert and its famous town, San Pedro de Atacama, contemplated the Geysers of the Tatio, the Salar de Atacama, and the Springs of Puritama; we’ve submerged in warm waters of turquoise color of Caldera and English Bay. We’ve climbed mountains to appreciate in its magnitude the National Park Pan de Azúcar (Sugar Bread); we’ve sailed by the Pacific Ocean to the Damas Island with dolphins and penguins; we’ve walked by the old streets of Santiago, its downtown, to walk by the San Cristóbal and the Santa Lucia hill. We’ve also enjoyed a good long walk to the dusk, touching crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean in the Serena, Coquimbo, Quintero, Zapallar and the famous Viña del Mar.
We like to go up in an aged elevator in the port of Valparaiso to contemplate the beautiful view of the bay; we know what is to enjoy a calm afternoon in a vineyard in the Valley of Colchagua, Curicó or Maipo among others.
We like to rest in thermal waters of Chillán, after a wonderful day of ski; and to enjoy a day in the Villarrica Lake to finish in the spring waters of Huife; to cross the Huerquehue National Park and the Ojos Del Caburgua.

There is nothing most astonishing for us than the crossing of the caves of Villarrica Volcano and finish at the summit of the volcano admiring in his fullness the wonders of the Region of the Lakes with the Villarrica, the Llanquihue, Todos los Santos, the Panguipulli, the Riñihue and the Ranco Lake.

We know what is to drink a whisky with millennial glacier ice in the San Rafael Lagoon. And to cross the Austral Route towards the National Park Queulat, Puyuhuapi to finish in the famous Futaleufú River, near Chaitén and the Rosselot Lake.

We’ve lived the magic of the pristine in the Austral Patagonia, crossing its fjords and frozen places, we’ve arrived including until the Antarctica and know about its colors, solitude and pure nature.

We’ve met the Moais and we have looked for its mysteries in the Easter Island, the navel of the World. And also we know what is to fall in a track of Portillo, Valle Nevado or enjoyed a sunny day in the spring waters of Chillán, in the slopes of Villarrica Volcano in the Pucón Ski Center and more to the south, in Antillanca and the beautiful National Park of Puyehue.

Come with us to cross our land and to discover everything what the Chilean territory has to offer. We have all the services that you look for, from the simplest information of how to choose the best transfer to the most complete program to cross chilean territory from Arica to the Antarctica, with lodging, rents, transfers, tours, cruises and flights.