El Peral Lagoon Sanctuary

The  El Peral Lagoon Sanctuary is located near El Tabo, between Las Cruces and Playas blancas, in the central coast of Chile. This natural sanctuary has more than 96 species of birds, from which 55 of them are aquatic. From these latter, 25 are considered permanent of this place. The most common species and that make their nests every year are: [...] Read more ››

Isla Negra

Isla Negra is located 2.4 miles to the south of El Quisco, on a promontory, at whose foot runs the Córdoba marsh that ends in a lagoon next to the beach. The place is quite and homely, and welcomes you to visit around. Its streets and houses form a harmonious neighborhood according to the topography covered by vegetation. Some [...] Read more ››

Rapa Nui National Park

Within the Rapa Nui National Park and there you will find the most important archeological resources of the island. The Rapanui National park is located in the Easter Island, has a total surface of 7130 hectares. Its exact location is 3700 kms from the coast of Chile Continental and 4200 kms from Tahiti. Wildlife in Easter island In regards to is the [...] Read more ››

Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa has a population of 3,304. Housing almost the totality of the population.  The city provides most of the services: post office, telephone, court and a bank. The creek is the other center of permanent activity. By the boats there are the remains of an ahu or altar with a moai; at its foot there’s a small beach. This beach [...] Read more ››

La Cruz, with a population of 12,860 and an altitude of 459.3 feet. Is located 39.7 miles from Viña del Mar and it stands out for its avocado production. Its history goes back to 300 BC when the valley was visited by groups of hunters and collectors that later formed villages on the east side of the Aconcagua river. Today there [...] Read more ››


Belén has a population of 148 inhabitants, is located 10.629 feet of altitude, 82 miles of Arica and 47 miles of Putre. It is the only town of the Plateau founded by the Spaniards. The northern town of Belén was constructed according to the colonial model, reason why their streets are perfectly ordered in its section. The town of Belén [...] Read more ››


Putaendo has 7.214 inhabitants and an altitude of 2.667,32 ft, is located 86 kms from Santiago. Is an old town of Indians that attracted Spanish population by the discovered of gold mines in the environs in the middle of the XVIII century. Little by little its center of population was formed and the church of San Antonio was constructed. In [...] Read more ››

Stock market of Santiago

Stock market of Santiago was declared Historical Monument in 1981 and is located in downtown Santiago In December 29 of 1893 the president Jorge Montt and their minister of Property, Alexandro Vial, signed the decree that approved the creation of the public limited company that declared to the stock-market of Commerce legally constituted. The building, that initiated its construction in 1913, [...] Read more ››

Central Market in Santiago,Chile.

The highlight of the Central Market of Santiago relies in their fresh fish and the sea products but the true charm, is that this market is actually visited by local buyers, from Sunday to Thursday, look for a great variety to fresh products that hope to be sold under a porch that seems a train station of Victorian England. The [...] Read more ››

“The Chascona” House of Pablo Neruda

This house takes the nickname of the woman who accompanied the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda during his last years, and whose real name was Matilde Urrutia. It is a unique place where the creative genius of Pablo Neruda is perceived in the objects that decorate it and that in many cases inspired some verse of the great Chilean writer. The [...] Read more ››