San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama and Atacama Desert is one of the touristic highlights for any North of Chile tours, visited throughout the year by foreigners attracted by its magnetic charm and natural mystic. San Pedro de Atacama is located in one of the oasis of II region. Has 1.938 inhabitants approximately and  is placed at 2.438 meter height above sea level. San [...] Read more ››


(Point of the spear) Chuquicamata is an excellent opportunity to know the mining the operation of a gigantic copper mine. The mine is located at 8,70 miles from Calama. Has a population, of 10,465 inhabitants, is distributed in two nucleus: the Camping of Employees, oldest, and the New Camping, united by the Tocopilla Av. The mining Camping of Chuquicamata [...] Read more ››

Garganta del Diablo, Atacama.

Gorge of the Devil or as locals call it “La garganta del Diablo” , with a steep unevenness that descends to the valley of the Ibáñez River, displays strange caves with rocky formation and a particular fauna composed by lizards, foxes and hares. This stroll acquires mysterious tone under the starred sky and with the light of the torches. It [...] Read more ››

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)

The Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is 8,08 miles to the west of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, on the old road to Calama, to the south of the new highway. Is one of the highlights on any North of Chile tours, because of its strange natural beauty. The valley of the Moon is [...] Read more ››

Village of Tulor

Tulor village was discovered in 1956 by the father Gustavo le Paige S.J. It is one of the oldest human settlements on salt bed, dates from between 800 BC and 500 AD. The village is now an open museum and being just 10 kms distance from any of the San Pedro de Atacama hotels is great for those who [...] Read more ››

Pukara de Quitor

(Inca’s Fortification) Located at 1,86 miles from San Pedro de Atacama is on the hill of Quitor. was declared National Monument in 1982 Pukará is the name given by Incas to building that acted as Forts, constructed by the atacameño’s culture to defend itself of other towns that inhabited South America. Pukara of Quitor dates from more than 700 years. Built [...] Read more ››

Tatio Geysers

(The old man that cries) Framed by an imposing landscape of barren beauty at 97 kms from San Pedro de Atacama are placed the Geysers of Tatio, a geothermal field of volcanic origin, at an altitude of 13.123,36 feet above sea level, where the water and the steam violently appear from the depths. From 2005 it is [...] Read more ››

Toconao Village

(To walk jumping throughout) Toconao has 546 inhabitants and it is situated on an altitude of 8.120,08 ft above sea level, at 38 kms from San Pedro de Atacama. Due to its handcrafting heritage and beautiful oasis surroundings it is an unique site to visit, and it is included in our San Pedro de Atacama Tour. This fascinating oasis, which waters flow [...] Read more ››

Los Flamencos National Reserve

The Flamenco National Reserve was created in 1990, it has a total surface of 182,82 acres and it is divides in seven sectors located within the commune of San Pedro de Atacama. Each sector has a relief, flora, fauna and different hydrograph system. The salar (saline terrain) of Tara sector- Aguas Calientes (Hot Waters) is on the east [...] Read more ››

Atacama Salt Flat

(Black Duck) Atacama’s Salt flat is a depression of 1.864,11 miles square, at 7.562,34 feet of altitude. in the center of the most barren desert of the world. To better enjoy the beauty of this area is better to hire a San Pedro of Atacama tour which can help you explore every corner at its best. Atacama’s Salt flat is the [...] Read more ››