Las Vicuñas National Reserve

Las Vicuñas Nacional Reserve was created on March, 1983, extends on an area of 209,131 hectares with an altitude between 4,300 and 5,800 metres height and is located 230 km from the city of Arica. In Las Vicuñas National Reserve (Reserva Nacional Las Vicuñas) the weather is dry. It rains in summer and it snows in winter. The average temperature [...] Read more ››

Lluta Valley (Valley of Lluta)

Valley of Lluta (Valle de Lluta) is at 6 miles from Arica, by the international way towards Bolivia, is located . It is a beautiful place that, thanks to the geographic and climatic conditions, was a place of establishment for the pre-Hispanic towns. It stands out the church and the geoglyphs of Lluta. The Route of the Olive (Ruta de la [...] Read more ››

Azapa Valley (Valle de Azapa)

The mystical Azapa Valley is a fertile agricultural valley near the city of Arica,  with impressive archaeological testimonies shaped in the slopes of the hills. It crosses an area of geoglyphs, on its majority of the period of Regional Development (Desarrollo Regional) {years 1000 to 1400 b.C.), as the village Hill Hat (aldea de Cerro Sombrero). There are sites of [...] Read more ››


Arica is one of the most northern destinies of Chile, offers for visitors airport, railroad, bus services and excellent highways that connect it with the rest of the country and the neighboring countries. Arica is also a point where you can rent a car to drive yourself through the desert. As the provincial and borderline capital, the city of Arica [...] Read more ››