Belén has a population of 148 inhabitants, is located 10.629 feet of altitude, 82 miles of Arica and 47 miles of Putre. It is the only town of the Plateau founded by the Spaniards. The northern town of Belén was constructed according to the colonial model, reason why their streets are perfectly ordered in its section. The town of Belén [...] Read more ››

Saltpeter Offices

The saltpeter offices declared National Monument (Monumento Nacional) is one of the many stroll that can be done from Iquique. The Saltpeter Office Santa Laura. This saltpeter office worked between 1872 and 1960 and is one of the few that have not been totally taken apart. The House of Administration (Casa de Administración) is conserved; a few buildings and the industrial [...] Read more ››

La Tirana

Diablada, dance made during La Tirana Festival in Chile The town of La Tirana is located in the Pampa del Tamarugal, has 818 inhabitants and an altitude of 995 mt, was declared Typical Zone. It is a small and calm town, in which, every July 16th, it is celebrated the day of the Virgen of Carmen. The great festivity attracts thousands [...] Read more ››


Pica which means to take flowers or fruits,  is a town of 2,642 inhabitants,placed in an altitude of 4.347 feet. Pica is a town of pre-Hispanic origin and is located in the mountain range area. Pica is a resort and municipality. Its 250 watered hectares are planted with orange trees, lemons, lime trees, grapefruits, mango and guavas, whose fruits are [...] Read more ››


Matilla, that means squeezings, has an altitude of 3.805 feet: it is an old and prosperous oasis, whose town dates from 1760, year in which outstanding families of Pica took root here. The main product of Matilla was the wine, elaborated from the important vineyards in the gorge of Quisma (Quebrada de Quisma). Since 1912, the water of that gorge [...] Read more ››

Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve

The Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve is located to a distance of 43 miles to the interior of Iquique, has a surface of 102,264 hectares. The Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve is divided in three sectors or lots. First, it is the Zapiga Sector (Sector Zapiga), the second is the Sector Native Forest of the Tyrant (Sector Bosque Nativo [...] Read more ››


(Place to sleep for marine birds and wolves – dormidero de aves y lobos marinos) Iquique is called “land of champions” (“tierra de campeones”); and offer great opportunities for those who want to purchases items and entertain themselves, due to the existence of the Free Trade Zone (known as ZOFRI as well). More than 99 miles of coast, in which [...] Read more ››

Isluga Volcano National Park

The Isluga Volcano National Park has an area of 174.744 hectares, is located within the 2,100 and 5,400 meters above sea level. This Park comprehends parts of the locations of Huara, Camiña and Colchane, from a distance of 265 meters from Iquique, which represents over three hours of journey. The Isluga Volcano National Park is formed by plateaus and abrupt relieves [...] Read more ››

Polloquere Hot Springs

Polloquere Hot springs are located next to Surire Salt Flat at 78 kms north from Colchane in the north of Chile. The area count with a rich wildlife where ñandúes, flamencos, caitíes, patos juarjual, vicuñas, alpacas y llamas can be spotted in their natural habitat. The average temperature fluctuates between the -15º C in the nights and 5ºC in [...] Read more ››

Surire Natural Monument Salt Flat

Surire Natural Monument, Chile This beautiful natural monument is placed near the town of Putre on the North of Chile , in the province of Parinacota, it stands 4,200 meters above sea level. It has a surface of 11,298 hectares, including salt flat areas and high ecosystems. The Salt Flat of Surire Natural Monument it is a zone with thermical fluctuation, [...] Read more ››