central valley location

Catemu and Panquehue towns

Catemu and Panquehue is an area of contrast, that combines the landscape of roller – before predominant in the central valley – with fertile fields of vineyards and fruit trees favored by the artificial irrigation. It is a circuit of 138,57 miles roundtrip from Santiago, a stroll to do in autumn or spring. Take the Pan-American Highway on [...] Read more ››

Tiltil and Caleu Cities

The stroll from Santiago towards Tiltil and Caleu is a route by an isolated road that goes between beautiful landscapes, old train stations and sites of cultural value as for example the place where the national independence hero, Manuel Rodriguez was killed. The road ends in a charming town on the side of the mountain range of the [...] Read more ››

La Ligua and Catapilco cities

The visit to La Ligua and Catapilco is a beautiful trip to the fertile valley of the Ligua river (río Ligua) and to La Ligua with its textile industry. You will also get to travel along the lands that produced the most amount of gold in Chile. It’s a circuit of 50 miles round trip, from Zapallar, on a paved [...] Read more ››


San Francisco de Limache means boulder of willows and has a population of 34,948. Is a peaceful rural city designed around Avenida Urmeneta, with oriental planetrees (plátanos orientales) on both sides forming a green tunnel. It has beautiful country houses from the beginning of the XX century, with gardens where there are many different species of palm trees. These houses [...] Read more ››

Los Andes

The city of Los Andes has a population of 55,000 and an altitude of 2,690 feet. It was founded by a decree by Mr. Ambrosio O’Higgins on July, 31 of 1791, with the name of  Santa Rosa de Los Andes. The climate is dry, typical of the Andean foothills; therefore it can be visited at any time of the [...] Read more ››


Quillota square in the Central valley, Chile. (humedity of the river) Quillota has a population of 59,806 and an altitude of 426.5 feet. When the Spanish conquerors arrived here, the Quillota valley was populated by natives under the hegemony of the Inca Empire and ruled by the cacique Michimalongo, who settled himself in a place next to San Isidro. From [...] Read more ››