Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins

El Palomo Volcano

Palomo Volcano is to 4850 meters height. Its name comes from the shape that their glaciers give him, resemblances to the wings of a dove (palomo). Although the volcano is not the highest mountain of its environs, is without a doubt one of most beautiful and significant. Placed in the heart of mountains of the Sixth Region; from its slopes are [...] Read more ››


Chimbarongo is a town located in parallel form to the Pan-American Highway that has an interesting parochial church, with a great porch and vaults done of brick. But its main attractiveness comes from the wicker crafts. This tradition initiated by Don Osvaldo Sepúlveda in the decade of 1920. He made furniture to use the time available, when the agricultural [...] Read more ››

Sewell (Mining city)

By almost a century, Sewell was the main camping of The Lieutenant (El Teniente) – the underground greater copper mine of the world -, mining company installed by Braden Copper Company, between 1905 and 1906. Sewell is located 37,2 miles from Rancagua and 6,988 feet of altitude in the middle of an imposing mountain range landscape. With its singular form, Sewell [...] Read more ››

Termas del Flaco Hot Springs

The road towards the Termas del Flaco Hot Spring (the Skinny One) is a beautiful stroll with a view to the pre-mountain range, and soon to go into the high mountain range. It is a circuit of 113.089 miles of round trip from San Fernando, most of it in a debris road. Narrow and winding road with organized traffic with [...] Read more ››

Rio Cipreses National Reserve

The beautiful Rio Cipreses National Reserve is located near the city of Rancagua and has a surface of 36,882 hectares. Presents average temperature which goes from the 19°C y 21°C y with low temperatures  between 5°C a 7°C, which makes summer season the best time to visit it. Within the limits of the Rio Cipreses National Reserve coexists varied species [...] Read more ››


(Small Forest) Pichilemu Beach, Chile Pichilemu has 12,392 inhabitants is the Capital of Province Cardinal Caro (Capital de la Provincia Cardenal Caro), offers beautiful rustic landscapes which stand out next to green bluish ocean that extends throughout 62 miles with attractive appropriate gray sand beaches in its majority for swimming, fishing and surfing. The area offers to the visitor a great spectrum: handcrafting [...] Read more ››


(Place of reed beds or escorzoneras) Rancagua is located next to the Cachapoal River (Rio Cachapoal). It is a commercial center and of food elaboration of an ample agricultural and mining region. Rancagua is located to 54 miles of Santiago and has 187,324 inhabitants. This beautiful Chilean city, capital city of Sixth Region of the General Liberator Bernardo O’Higgins, (Capital [...] Read more ››

San Fernando

The city of San Fernando has 56,368 inhabitants, and it is located to an altitude of 1.509 feet and 88 miles from Santiago. San Fernando is the capital of the province of Colchagua and was founded by the Governor Manso of Velasco on 1742, as Village of San Fernando of Tinguiririca (Villa de San Fernando de Tinguiririca), in honor to [...] Read more ››

Santa Rosa de Pelequén (Sanctuary)

(Pelequen: mud Space) The Sanctuary of Santa Rosa of Lima (Santa Rosa de Lima) is located in Pelequén at 25 miles to the Southeastern of Rancagua and 3,1 miles to the east of Malloa. The miraculous image of Santa Rosa arrived at Pelequén when at the ending of the War between Chile and the Peru Confederation -Bolivian. August 30th of [...] Read more ››

Colchagua Valley Wine Route

The   Colchagua Valleyis the most privileged terroir in Chile. Thus, among Chilean wines, those of this valley have reached the best scores in the most important specialized international wine & spirits magazines. The fame of Colchagua was crowned year 2003, to be nominated as the Best Viticulture Region of the World by the North American Magazine Wine Enthusiast. The Route of [...] Read more ››