Forestal park

The Forestal park and its surroundings were declared Typical Zone in 1997. It starts from the Plaza Italia very close to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, ending near the Recoleta Avenue, just steps away from the Vega Market and still until these days, it is one of the most recognizable green areas of Santiago. It takes place on the [...] Read more ››

Ex- National Congress Building

It was declared Historical Monument in 1976. The ex-National Congress building was projected during the government of Manuel Montt. Its construction began in 1858 with the planes of the French architect Brunet des Baines. After his death, his countryman, Luden Henautt continued the work until 1860, when the works stopped cause lack of funds. It was resumed under [...] Read more ››

Mapocho Station

It was Declared National Monument in 1976. Work of the architect Emilio Jecquier, was constructed in 1912 to be the railway station to Valparaiso and the Mendoza city in Argentina. Its beautiful facade with three baroque arcs and the metallic structure of the vault that served to cover the space with the platforms is one of the highlight of [...] Read more ››

Contemporary Art Museum (MAC)

On the west sector of the Bellas Artes National Museum in the Forestal Park area is situated the Art Contemporary Museum (MAC), surrounded by trees in downtown Santiago. The museum was founded in 1947 by the artist Marco A Bontá and holds a collection of more than 2000 pieces of sculpture, painting and engraving of connoted contemporary artists like Matta, Antúnez, [...] Read more ››

Cerro San Cristobal (San Cristobal Hill)

The Cerro San Cristobal is part of the Parque Metropolitano de Santiago, a huge infraestructure composed by parks, art gallery, hills, pools, garden, a sanctuary and a zoo. The attractions: -Virgen del Cerro: A white statue of the Virgin Mary, tops the Cerro San Cristobal, from there you can get an incredible view of  Santiago. A souvenir shop and a chapel are available [...] Read more ››

Diplomatic Academy of Chile (Club Septiembre) in Santiago.

The Diplomatic Academy of Chile building was declared Historical Monument in 1973. Built by the request of Arturo Edwards who wished a palace as the familiar house in 1888. The mansion in 1897 passed to the hands of Maria Luisa Mac Clure who decided to sell the property to Septiembre real estates. The new owner destines it to [...] Read more ››

Bruna Palace in Santiago,Chile.

It was declared Historical Monument in 1995 is located in Merced Street # 230 and is seat of the National Camera of Commerce. At the request of the saltpeter industrialist Augusto Bruna, the building was ordered to Julio Bertrand between 1916 and 1921. The young architect came arriving from Paris after studying in L’Ecole Special de Arquitecture. The Bruna Palace is a [...] Read more ››

Temple Basilica of La Merced in Santiago,Chile.

The Temple Basilica of La Merced  is located in downtown Santiago in the corner of Merced Street. It was declared national monument and from 1548 all the apple belonged at the Merced order . The present church was the third constructed in this same place, after the landslide of the previous ones by successive earthquakes. It was constructed between 1735 and [...] Read more ››

Alameda Railway station in Santiago.

The Alameda railway station serves for the EFE  and Metrotren services for those heading to the south of Chile. This colossal metal structure one of the most recognizable buildings of Santiago, was declared National Monument in 1983, was idea of the senator Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna, inspired by some station that he saw in Paris. The proposal was accepted and, in [...] Read more ››

Teatro Municipal of Santiago

It was opened in September 17th of 1857, with the “Ernaní” opera of Giuseppe Verdi that interpreted an Italian company, specially brought for the act. Work of the architect Francisco Brunet de Baines and the engineer Augusto Charme counted also with the collaboration of Charles Garnier (constructor of the Opera of Paris and the Montecarlo Casino) to make and to finish [...] Read more ››