Mulato Gil de Castro Square in Santiago,Chile

The Mulato Gil de Castro Square is an amusing and active center of art in downtown Santiago, declare as a Typical Zone is a hipster point within the neighborhood of Lastarria, on its surrounding exists several art schools. On Thursday, Friday and Saturdays a antique fair and booksellers install on the street. Several galleries function in this space [...] Read more ››

Cerro Santa Lucia

Named by Don Pedro de Valdivia on December 13th of 1540. Today it is a pleasing rest center, from where there is a beautiful view of Santiago. The Cerro Santa Lucia is located in downtown Santiago . Even though is not the highest hill in town, the hill its 69 meters high and has an altitude of 629 meters above [...] Read more ››

Casa Colorada

Declared National Monument in 1960, is one of the better conserved colonial houses in the city. The Casa Colorada owes its name to the red color of the stone sillar of first floor and to the red one of the stucco of the second. Here the Count on Conquest, Mateo de Toro and Zambrano lived, president of the First Government [...] Read more ››

Pre-Columbian Historic museum of Chile

This Museum was inaugurated in 1981 by the Larrain Echenique Foundation , owner of the collection  and the Municipality of Santiago. The Pre-Columbian Historic museum of Chile is located in  Compañia Street – from the Plaza de Armas heading  west – advancing one block in the middle of Santiago downtown. On its outside a vestibule was constructed in 1977, to allow [...] Read more ››

Edificio de Correos in Santiago, Chile.

To the North flank of the Plaza de Armas in downtown Santiago, in the corner of the Puente and Cathedral streets, is the Edificio de Correos (Post mail office of Santiago), declared national monument. It occupies the plot where the first house of the rising city was built, the house of the Conqueror of Chile Pedro de Valdivia. During the [...] Read more ››

Palacio de la Real Audiencia in Santiago, Chile.

The Palacio de la Real Audiencia lodges, from 1982, the Museo Historico Nacional, which holds a collection of nearly  1600 pieces related to the history of Chile, from pre-Columbian times to XX century. It shows in 18 different rooms of the Palace. It was declared National Monument in 1969. It was constructed between years 1804 and 1807. In this building was [...] Read more ››

Cathedral of Santiago,Chile

The Cathedral of Santiago was declared National Monument in 1951. Its location dates from the original layout of the city, ordered by Pedro de Valdivia and 1541. In 1745 the present temple begins and later Toesca changes to the facade imposing the classic and baroque style. Its two towers were constructed just by the end of XIX century. In this [...] Read more ››

Museo Historico nacional in Santiago, Chile.

The Museo Historico Nacional was created in 1911 and is located in downtown Santiago, holds more than 1600 pieces ,all of them, representative samples of the different periods of Chilean history. The building is neoclassic type with Toscan elements. On it, Don Mateo de Toro y Zambrano was elected as the President of the First Assembly of the National Government [...] Read more ››

Plaza de Armas of Santiago, Chile.

Arrive by subway, line 5, Plaza de Armas Station. Also you can be arrived from the Universidad of Chile Station, and walk just 4 blocks, through the Ahumada Boulevard.Concerning about locations and distances, there are several Santiago hotels located downtown, but there is no need to be in the same commune to enjoy the highlights of Santiago downtown area, [...] Read more ››


Curepto is a village founded in 1770, it has an authentic rural life which can be noticed in its business street and the small squares dedicated to people from the village and the intimate life from its main doors. It has been declared Typical Zone and the square, the parish and Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church is one of the [...] Read more ››