Bernardo O’Higgins National Park

Bernardo O’Higgins National Park is the largest National Park of the country and covers two regions of Chile, parts of XI and the XII regions, with a total surface of 8.907.904,37 acres, located between the Region of Aysén, commune of Tortel and Magallanes, to the northeast of the Ultima Esperanza Province, neighbor to the national parks Lagoon San Rafael, Towers [...] Read more ››

Cerro Castillo

Cerro Castillo near Punta Arenas The  Cerro Castillo town has approximately 400 inhabitants and is the head town in the municipality of Torres del Paine, established in the great ex-ranch Cerro Castillo, founded in 1906 by Operating Society Tierra del Fuego. The former cattle and ranch facilities shaped this town lingering  in its culture and traditions. Between the activities and events [...] Read more ››

O’Higgins Village

Villa O’Higgins has around 500 inhabitants and was founded in 1966; this border town is inhabited by forest and cattle country people and official government people with their families. It is located in the mouth of the River Mayer (Río Mayer), one of the limited flat places of the area, surrounded by steep mountains and mallines. The place counts on [...] Read more ››

El Toqui Valley

El Toqui Valley (Valle El Toqui) was opened by pilgrims in 1940. In the middle of the burned forest, Cerro Catedral stands out , the hill  separates the valley of the Argentinean lake Plata-Fontana (Lago Plata-Fontana). The mine the Toqui (La mina El Toqui) is underground and produces concentrated of zinc and gold. It has a hydroelectric power station, a [...] Read more ››

Puerto Cisnes

Puerto Cisnes (Swans Port) is located  113 miles to the north of Puerto Aysén,  facing  the Pacific Ocean, 123 miles from Coihaique. It has around 2000 inhabitants. Puerto Cisnes is a small town which by its privileged surroundings, offers the   chance of venturing itself in the middle of a wild landscape to develop varied outdoor activities. It is [...] Read more ››

Puerto Aisen

The city of Puerto Aisén is placed to 1,009 miles to the south of Santiago, Chile and 41 miles to the northwest of Coihaique. It is located in the shores of the Aisén River (Río Aisén) and has a population of almost 14,000 inhabitants. At the present time, most of its inhabitants are concentrated in Puerto Aisén, working [...] Read more ››


The population  of Balmaceda town rounds up to 500 inhabitants. Balmaceda was founded the January 1th of 1917 by a pilgrim named Jose Silva Ormeño, who tried to reunite his people, meaning immigrants of Argentina, in a same place. Balmaceda became the first town of Aisén and the locality nearest to the Andean country, where the local production was [...] Read more ››


Cochrane is the provincial capital and the last town that crosses the Carretera Austral, has around 4 thousand inhabitants and it is 207 miles to the south of Coihaique. ; The city of Cochrane was founded in 1954 under the name of Pueblo Nuevo (New Town), today under the name of Cochrane is the flight connection hub towards [...] Read more ››


The city of Coihaique is located in the South end of Chile to 1.018 miles of Santiago city, has around 37,000 inhabitants and was founded in 1929. The city of Coihaique is considered the joining point to the rest of the region. Coihaique was designated the capital of the XI region in 1974, due its development and central [...] Read more ››

Exploradores Bay

(Bahía Exploradores) Exploradores Bay has a great variety of landscapes and attractive sites, from beaches, peninsulas, cascades, bays and lakes, to native forest and snow-covered summits towards the interior. At the same time, Exploradores Bay corresponds at the moment of the layout culmination of a way in construction that crosses from   Puerto  Tranquilo River, in the General Carrera Lake to Exploradores [...] Read more ››