Patagonian ice field – South Ice Field

In the austral ends of South America between 48°20 ‘ and 51°30 ‘ of South latitude, the  Andes is almost completely  covered by a great ice form denominated South Ice Field, the largest one in the Southern hemisphere after Antarctica, with a 8.077,83 mi surface, and 217,48 mi length. The Patagonian ice field South is a mass of ice, [...] Read more ››

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park has 598.593,02 acres surface, was created in 1959 and declared World-wide Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO in 1978. Torres del Paine National Park is located between the Mountain range of the Andes and the Patagonian steppe with heights that vary between the 65,62 feet and the 10.006,56 feet. Torres del Paine National Park [...] Read more ››

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

Los Pingüinos  Natural Monument is located in the Strait of Magellan to 21,75 miles of Punta Arenas. It has a surface of 239,69 acres, 12 correspond to  Marta Island and the 85 rest to Magdalena Island . Los Pingüinos  Natural Monument was declared protected area in August of 1966 like Park National and reclassified like a Natural Monument in1982. The purpose [...] Read more ››

Alacalufes National Reserve

The National Reserve of Alacalufes was created in 1969, and is located to the south of the Estrecho de Magallanes (Strait of Magellan). The National Reserve of Alacalufes comprises the western archipelagos and presents a landscape of low mountainous islands, with numerous channels and fjords. Ultima Esperanza, Magallanes, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica provinces are placed within the reserve [...] Read more ››

Magallanes National Reserve

Magallanes National Reserve, was created in 1932 and is located in the peninsula of Brunswick, 4.66 mi to the west of Punta Arenas, has a surface of 48,49 acres, the greater heights are the hills Mirador, to 2.007,87 feet, and Laurita, to 2.024,28 feet, that do not exceed the 1.968,50 feet above sea level. The access to [...] Read more ››

Milodon Cave

The Natural Monument of Milodón Cave (Cueva del Milodon), is located to 14,91 mi to the north of Puerto Natales. The Natural Monument of Milodón Cave is formed by three caverns and a rocky conglomerate denominated “Chair of the Devil”. The greater one of these caverns is to 492,13 feet above the sea level and its [...] Read more ››

Alberto de Agostini National Park

The National Park of Alberto de Agostini is located to 80 nautical miles to the South-eastern of Punta Arenas. The National Park of Alberto de Agostini has a great number of glaciers that hanging off by slopes towards its mountains of different fjords, bays and channels. The National Park of Alberto de Agostini has a surface of 3.607.738,57 acres., [...] Read more ››

Cabo de Hornos National Park (Cape Horn)

The Cabo de Hornos National Park is placed in Tierra del Fuego, the Wollaston Archipelago and the group of Hermite islands, in the commune of Navarino, Chilean Antarctica province. Has a surface of 155,91 acres, with an altitude of 721,78 feet, with the exception of the Pyramid Hill, of 1.332,02 ft.The park was created in 1945 on the [...] Read more ››

Pali Aike National Reserve

Created in 1970, the Pali Aike National Reserve covers an extension of approximately 12.429,40 acres, is located in the most isolated and barren  section of the Magellan steppe. It is unique in the country because of  its geologic characteristics:  exotic lunar landscapes and the singular mixture of greyish tones in the volcanic rest that make remember the lava rivers [...] Read more ››


Porvenir is the capital city of the Province of Tierra del Fuego. The municipality of Porvenir came from a rural police station installed in 1883 during the gold fever, becoming a city in 1894, offering services to the new cattle ranches. Porvenir has a surface of 2.063,57 miles and counts has a population of 5,000 inhabitants, great part descendants from [...] Read more ››