Cochrane Lake National Reserve

The Cochrane Lake National Reserve was created in 1967, and at the present time, has a surface of 6,925 hectares. It is located 3 miles to the northeast of the City of Cochrane in the north shore of the lake under the same name and 217 miles to the south of Coihaique in the slope of the Tamango Hill. You [...] Read more ››

Coihaique National Reserve

Created in 1948, Coihaique National Reserve is one of the oldest units of the Region, has a surface of 2,676 hectares and is situated 3 miles to the northeast of Coihaique. You can access Coihaique National Reserve, through Coihaique road (camino de Coihaique) to Puerto Aysén and later through a local road, on the South slope of the Cinchao Hill , [...] Read more ››

Cerro Castillo National Reserve

Cerro Castillo National Reserve it includes  179,550 hectares, in where reforestations are carried out. Near  is the  Chiguay Lagoon with park rangers and camping and picnic areas. Close to the reserve, you arrive at a great glacial valley with beautiful rocky penitents that seem statues. Piedra del Conde stands out because its similarity to a human profile. Nearby [...] Read more ››

Jeinemeni Lake National Reserve

The Jeinemeni Lake National Reserve is located  40 miles to the south of Chile Chico , is part of the  General Carrera and Capitan Prat Provinces, communes of Chile Chico and Cochrane respectively. It has an extension of 161,100 hectares. It belongs to CONAF and it counts on one park ranger station that can be located in mile [...] Read more ››

Rosselot Lake National Reserve

The Rosselot Lake National Reserve was denominated as National Park in 1968 and reclassified as National Reserve  in 1983, with a total surface of 12,725 hectares. The reserve is located to 167 miles to the north of Coihaique, contiguous to the locality of  La Junta. The predominant vegetation in the Rosselot Lake National Reserve [...] Read more ››

Simpson River National Reserve of

The Simpson River National Reserve was included within the National System of Protected Wild Areas of the State (Sistema Nacional de Áreas Silvestres Protegidas del Estado) (SNASPE), was created  under the necessity to protect the existing vegetation and fauna, which to a large extent had been devastated by fires and overexploitation, causing floods, landslides and massive erosion. Its surface is [...] Read more ››

Tamango National Reserve

The Tamango Lake National Reserve is located  5 miles of Cochrane and occupies a surface of 7 thousand hectares protected by CONAF. The Tamango Lake National Reserve is the only protected area that offers the opportunity to observe close the huemules, beautiful emblematic species of Chile and has one of the largest populations of huemules in their natural habitat. [...] Read more ››

Las Guaitecas National Reserve

Las Guaitecas National Reserve was created in 1938, is one of oldest Wild Protected Areas  of the country, has a surface of 1.097.975 hectares. Las Guaitecas National Reserve is located in the Province of Aisén  and is part of the communes of Cisnes  and Aisén. The locality next to Las Guaitecas National Reserve is Puerto Aguirre, in the Huichas [...] Read more ››

Trapananda National Reserve

The  Trapananda National Reserve was created in 1992 with a surface of 2,305 hectares; it is located in the commune of Coihaique, distant 27 miles of the regional capital through the way to Villa Ortega and Ñirehuao. The predominant vegetal species in The Trapananda National Reserve correspond to those of the vegetation formation Forest Caducifolio of Aisén in which [...] Read more ››

Cinco Hermanas Natural Monument

Cinco Hermanas Natural Monument  originally created as Forest Reserve in 1964 and  reclassified in 1982, along with the Dos Lagunas Natural Monument. Located in the entrance of the  Aisén Fjord , 31 miles from the city of  Puerto Aisén, it is composed by 6 small islands that altogether covers a surface of 228 hectares. The characteristic vegetation of Cinco [...] Read more ››