Dos Lagunas Natural Monument

Dos Lagunas Natural Monument (Two Lagoons) is an area of 180.7 hectares, to which is accessible through a route that leads to Coihaique, to 13 miles, by the international way to Coihaique Alto, in a sector of transition between the forest caducifolio of Aisén and the Patagonian steppe, its small size make possible to approach  the forests of lenga and [...] Read more ››

Pampa de Ñirehuao

The Pampa of Ñirehuao was  a lake on it starts. Towards the west is can be distinguished the old barrier of glacial moraine that contained it. They are more than 80 thousand hectares almost flat, covered of coironales that extend towards Argentina, those that cover it. Right there, the  Ñirehuao River is born, which channel goes to the Pacific. In [...] Read more ››

North Ice Field

The North Ice Field is constituted approximately bt 1.7 million hectares covered by millenarian ice of the last glaciation, being along with the South Ice Field (Campo de Hielo Sur), one of the largest fresh water reserves of the planet. Numerous streams and rivers are born from the ice fields. Among these stand out the rivers Ventisqueros, Colonia, Nef, Soler, [...] Read more ››

Chile Chico

(Small Chile) Chile Chico is a commune and a town of the south of Chile located in the Province of General Carrera (Provincia del General Carrera), in XI the Region of Aisén. The town of Chile Chico is the capital of the homonym commune and of the Province of General Carrera (Provincia del General Carrera). It has around 4 thousand inhabitants. [...] Read more ››

Caleta Tortel is a small town of 350 inhabitants that was declared Typical Zone (Zona Típica) in 2001. Caleta Tortel is capital of the commune of Tortel of less than 500 inhabitants, where 80% of its surface corresponds to Protected Wild Areas (Áreas Silvestres Protegidas). The town of Caleta Tortel is located in the delta of the River Baker (Rio [...] Read more ››

Rosselot Lake

Rosselot Lake has an extension of 8,401 acres. Rosselot Lake is a good destination for those who practice sport fishing. The beautiful coast of Rosselot Lake is surrounded by hills with forest vegetation and beautiful waterfalls. Rosselot Lake can be reached walking 1,640 feet, where you will need to cross fences, or by boat. You [...] Read more ››

Queulat National Park

Queulat National Park comprises 380,772 acres. It starts a little bit further to the north of the Risopatrón lake extending all the road to the Ventisquero inlet. Queulat Nacional Park is divided in many areas that can be visited. The main attractions of Queulat Nacional Park are the glaciers, rivers and, especially, the virgin forest, never before crossed by [...] Read more ››