Los Vilos

(The snakes) Los Vilos has a population of 10.980 and is a flourishing bathing resort, currently is the embarking port for the mining company Pelambres. In 1855, Los Vilos was an export point for minerals and agricultural produce of the Choapa Valley. Los Vilos still keeps its ancient deck, the former station transformed into a bus station, and next to [...] Read more ››


(Small raft) With a population of 1.212, Pichidangui is a popular bathing resort due to its bay with calm waters, white sand beach and the regular coast wind that allows an intense nautical activity. Pichidangui is also the starting point for trips to the surrounding areas. Pichidangui has nice hotels, horse rental and an excellent campsite. Visit the oceanside road (costanera), [...] Read more ››

Pisco Elqui

Pisco Elqui is a town situated in the IV Region of Coquimbo, in the Elqui Valley (Valle del Elqui), 107 km east from La Serena. Pisco Elqui is a town over a cape, with some winding streets and others with slopes. Pisco Elqui has good hotels and restaurants installed in old big houses, campsites and in its square there’s a [...] Read more ››

Fray Jorge National Park

The Fray Jorge National Park (Parque Nacional Fray Jorge) comprises 24,609 acres at altitudes of between 0 and 2188 feet, in the coastal area of the Limarí zone, located 27.9 miles east from Ovalle. The following main activities can be performed at the Fray Jorge National Park: excursions, wild life observation at the Hydrophilic Forest (Bosque Hidrófilo) trail, getting environmental information [...] Read more ››


Ovalle is located 54.6 miles south from La Serena and 251 miles from Santiago of Chile. Ovalle has a population of 66.405 and it lies in the banks of the Grande river, at an altitude of 656 feet. The city of Ovalle was founded on April 21, 1831, a period where the landowners were connected with La Serena and [...] Read more ››


Tongoy is one of the most important bathing resorts of the IV Region, and it’s located over a small peninsula that goes into an ample bay. Tongoy has a population of 4.435 and it’s very visited during summer, since Tongoy has beautiful summer houses, good hotels and family lodgings and campsites next to the beach; restaurants and entertainment, besides [...] Read more ››


Vicuña is located at 328 miles from Santiago of Chile and has a population of 11.091. Vicuña is settled in the upper reaches of the Elqui River or Coquimbo, at about 2296 feet of altitude that, combined with its Mediterranean climate and the water supply, has allowed the development of a rich agriculture. Located about 37.2 miles to the east [...] Read more ››


Cochiguaz lies in the Cochiguaz River Valley (Valle del Río Cochiguaz). Cochiguaz is a dry site with colder weather, and its production -with the exception of the wild grapevines found where it meets the Claro river- is essentially based on mountainous cattle products. In the year 1970, Mother Teresa (Madre Teresa), a spiritual guide with mystical orientation, settled upriver. Her [...] Read more ››


(Place of calm waters) Coquimbo is a coast city placed 7.4 miles south from La Serena and 287 miles north from Santiago of Chile. Coquimbo has a population of 148.438 and it’s the most important port of the sector, integrating Coquimbo and Guayacán. The city of Coquimbo is a source of legends of hidden treasures, due to that in the past centuries [...] Read more ››

Valle del Elqui

The Elqui Valley (Valle del Elqui) is a tourist zone with attractive landscapes and fertile land known by the excellence of its clear skies, rapid rivers, steep peaks and pintoresque villages. The Elqui Valley is also the favorite destination for national and international visitors in Chile for those who enjoy astronomy. Several sites as the the Mamalluca hill Observatory [...] Read more ››