Carahue (Where there was a place) The commune of Carahue is located in the west area of the Region of the Araucanía, 34,80 miles of Temuco within the province of Cautín. Count with a population of 25,696 inhabitants, according to the information of the last census, on which more of 60% it lives in the rural area. There is a strong [...] Read more ››

Lonquimay Volcano

(Great Gorge) Lonquimay volcano is a beautiful volcano situated 80,78 miles to the northeast of the city of Temuco. Its name means “great gorge” in mapudungum, being baptized of this form by the old mapuches inhabitants of the zone in reference to an ample precipice of about 393,70 feet of height that presents this mountain in its east face. Geologically, [...] Read more ››


Curacautín (Stone of meeting) The natural scenes of Curacautín area can astonish you,  the zone strikes by its virgin nature, counting with the  Conguillío  national park and Tolhuaca national park and the of Manzanar, and Nalca Malalcahuello national reserves within is territory. Curacautín was a mandatory pass for pehuenches because they used to lived to the both end of [...] Read more ››

Jeinemeni Lake National Reserve

The Jeinemeni Lake National Reserve is located  40 miles to the south of Chile Chico , is part of the  General Carrera and Capitan Prat Provinces, communes of Chile Chico and Cochrane respectively. It has an extension of 161,100 hectares. It belongs to CONAF and it counts on one park ranger station that can be located in mile [...] Read more ››

Mocho Choshuenco National Reserve

Mocho Choshuenco National Reserve (Reserva Nacional Mocho Choshuenco) is located about 37.2 miles to the northeast of the city of Panguipulli, in the IX Region, and has a surface of 18,624 acres. Mocho Choshuenco National Reserve comprises the area of Mocho volcano , at 7,946 feet above sea level, whose last eruption occurred in 1863, and the Choshuenco volcano , [...] Read more ››

Puerto Saavedra

Puerto Saavedra has 14 348 inhabitants and is located to 54,06 miles from Temuco towards the coast. Puerto Saavedra was founded on 1887 by Cornelio Saavedra next to the sea, in the place where it was the bar of the river. From 1895 it served as a service port for those who maneuvered the boats that came from the sea, [...] Read more ››

Villarrica Lake

Villarrica Lake counts with a surface of 42.749,23 acres and 721,78 feet of altitude. The popular Villarrica Lake, in IX the region of the Araucanía, is one of the more important tourist poles of Chile. Every summer an aproximatly 70,000 tourists arrive to its shores, attracted by the combination of nature, lacustrine beaches and adventure and every winter [...] Read more ››


(To go up crawling) The city of Angol has around 46 thousand inhabitants and is capital of the Malleco province. Angol is located in the IX Region, to 39,77 miles of Los Angeles city and it is on the foot of the Nahuelbuta mountain range and next to the Vergara river. In the past was transited by small [...] Read more ››

Caburgua Lake

(Scraper) The Caburgua Lake has 14.085,01 acres with an altitude of 2.296,59 feet., extended and surrounded by sylvan hills, was formed by a cork of lava and volcanic ashes and its waters have a greater temperature in 5º C to 8° C than the other lakes of the south, due to thermal warm waters to come up from [...] Read more ››