Region De los Lagos


(Basket of water) Chaiten located in the Carretera austral of Chile Chaitén is located on the coast of the continent, in front of the island of Chiloé island , close to the mouth of the Yelcho river (río Yelcho). Chaitén has a population of about 3,258 and is located at 126.7 miles south of Puerto Montt. Chaitén is the capital of the [...] Read more ››


The beautiful city of Frutillar has a population of about 5 thousand. Frutillar is located at 51.5 miles from Osorno, at an altitude of 229.6 feet. Frutillar grew in 1856 as an embarking dock. Soon there were commerce houses, tanneries, mills, brewery and an alcohol distillery. Frutillar got to have four docks. With the arrival of the railroad to the [...] Read more ››


(Snow oven) Hornopiren has a population of  approximately  1,122 inhabitants. Hornopiren provides urban facilities: there is gas stations and lodging in hotels, lodging houses and campsites. Hornopiren is a good support site for excursions. From Hornopiren there are ferries that can be taken with previous reservations. The ferry sails between the coasts of the Los Ciervos and Llancahué islands, to [...] Read more ››

Ranco Lake

(Crab waters) Ranco Lake (Lago Ranco) comprises 104,525 acres, is square shaped and splashed with islands.  Currently almost the entire coast is occupied by summer houses. Ranco Lake is well equipped for tourism and sport fishing and stands as one of the most beautiful lakes in the South of Chile lake district. Ranco Lake is [...] Read more ››

Alerce Costero National Monument

Alerce Costero (Coastal Alerce) National Monument is located on the Pacific Ocean coast at 85 miles from the city of Valdivia and 30 miles from La Unión. The area of Alerce Costero National Monument comprises 5,700 acres. At the top of Alerce Costero National Monument you will find an esplanade with 14 alerces tress (Fitzroya cupressoides); from there you will [...] Read more ››

Puñihuil Islets Natural Monument

Puñihuil Islets Natural Monument is located on the west coast of the Chiloé Island ,  about 17.3 miles to the southeast of Ancud. Puñihuil Islets Natural Monument is formed by three rocky islets of volcanic origin, that altogether comprise a surface of 21.3 acres, within a beautiful bay very close to the beach. Puñihuil Islets Natural Monument is a [...] Read more ››

Lahuen Ñadi Natural Monument

Lahuen Ñadi Natural Monument located in the X Region, comprises 494 acres. Lahuen Ñadi Natural Monument is accessed by the road to the El Tepual airport, which must be taken up to the detour to the Lagunitas Condominium. From that point you will get to the entry of Lahuen Ñadi Natural Monument in 1.8 miles. In the inner area of Lahuen [...] Read more ››


Osorno is placed 567.3 miles from Santiago, in a basin sheltered from the wind, by a bend of the Rahue river, which is easy to cross. The city of Osorno has a population of 128,340 inhabitants and due to its location act as a connection between the fields of the Coastal mountain range, to the West, and the plains [...] Read more ››

Alerce Andino National Park

Alerce Andino National Park is a real natural legacy occupying 98 thousand acres, from which about 49 thousand are alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) forests that can be appreciated in the mountainous area of the X Region. Located to the south of Chapo Lake, in a mountainous area, Alerce Andino National Park is one of the most important alerce reserve. Alerce Andino National [...] Read more ››

Chiloe National Park

Chiloé National Park is located in the west side of Chiloé island, has a surface of 106,396 acres, divided in three areas. The first one corresponds to the Chepu sector, with 19,274 acres, the second to the Anay sector located in the communes of Castro, Conchi and Dalcahue with a surface of 86,998 acres, and the third [...] Read more ››