Chile Travel Tips

Top Chilean Souvenirs

If you love traveling , you have already notice how all the souvenirs are pretty much the same: mugs, keychains, plates, t-shirts, etc. Because We spent so little time in the country we are visiting, is really difficult to find something unique and beautiful, but most important something local and inspired on the country’s culture. This is our list of unmissable [...] Read more ››

Chile with a passport: the foreign view.

Let the insiders list of "weird" Chilean things, with the special contribution of Megan Bascom and her incredible travel blog about Chile, help you understand more about Chile through the eyes of a foreign traveler. Read more ››

Mapuche silverware: souvenir guide

While you are in your Chile vacations, don't forget to get an unique souvenir from Chile: a piece of Mapuche silver jewelry. In this guide you will learn the names and features of each piece. Read more ››

Slang: Chilean speaks Spanish and Chilean, that may sound strange but if you travel to Chile, you may found out that the Spanish-English dictionary and phrase books are useless Read more ››

Greetings: You are in the middle of your vacations in Chile, and people suddenly kisses you in the cheek and hugs you, don’t be surprised, Chilean people can be very affectionate... Read more ››

Great seafood: In your next travel to Chile, escape from the tour and go a little bit further to find the best seafood ever, where? Read more ››

Enjoy your next holidays in Chile; you will have the most amazing Chile vacations in some of the most beautiful places in the world: The Chilean Plateau, Easter Island, Patagonia, Antarctica, among others. Read more ››