Villarrica Volcano

So it’s 5 A.M, I’m supposed to be climbing Villarrica Volcano today (yes, a volcano!), and all I can think is that I don’t want to wake up. Those first moments are always the hardest. Of course I eventually managed to pull myself out of bed and groggily prepare some breakfast, a bowl of Special K as it were. Like [...] Read more ››

Volcano Skiing

I write this after having just returned from a vacation in Chile with my friend Vincent. The two of us are adept skiers and thrill seekers, came to Chile with the hopes of scaling three volcanoes, Lonquimay, Antuco, and Volcan Nevado, close to where we would be staying, and then skiing them. Unfortunately we were struck with some terrible weather [...] Read more ››

Valparaiso Chaos

I was invited by a friend to visit Valparaiso, who thought I would enjoy this unique city she’s called home for nearly a dozen years. Considering the fact that I’m taking the time to write down my thoughts about it, I’d say she was either very right or very wrong. Well in fact she was very right. Be it the [...] Read more ››

Matetic Wine Tour

Down to our last day in Chile, we decided to splurge for a car rental so we could quickly get ourselves around and explore what we could. The simple process of getting a car wasn’t quite as easy as we had hoped, cutting into our travel time by a couple hours, but these are the joys of travelling in a [...] Read more ››

This is an account of our journey to Easter Island. Now before you go getting excited for the wrong reasons, Easter Island is not the home of the Easter Bunny, overflowing with chocolate eggs. What it is, is a well known island off the coast of Chile, world famous for its incredible Stone statues depicting giant Maoi heads. We’ve been here [...] Read more ››

From Santiago to Patagonia

We’ve arrived at long last in Santiago, Chile, via our flight from San Francisco. We spent this first evening in a cute little hotel downtown, crashing for just a few hours before getting up and at it. We were really impressed with the transportation system here, the trains and buses run regularly and function all over the city. We checked out [...] Read more ››

Valle del Elqui

We arrived in La Serena early in the morning after a 7 hour bus ride. The streets were almost entirely deserted, on account of most people not waking until 9 am or even later. Having the run of the city to ourselves was nice, though on the other hand we couldn’t find a single place to eat or even get [...] Read more ››

Chilean Patagonia in Mountain Bike

My 2011 got off to a great beginning. I spent New Year’s Eve with an eclectic group of people, the family that runs the hostel I was staying at, some Americans, and some Dutch cyclists. After being up way too late and waking up way too early, I was now off south with the Dutch cyclists to hook up with [...] Read more ››

Snowboarding in Chile

I have been to some cool places in my time, and done some crazy things, and one of the trips that sticks out the most in my mind was my skiing and snowboarding trip to the Chilean Andes. Portillo, close to the border of Chile and Argentina was our base for this event, and we could tell right away as [...] Read more ››

Skiing in Portillo

It was lunchtime when we reached Portillo, following a 3 hour bus ride. This area is rather chaotic, with a large volume of traffic incoming and outgoing on the weekends, both locals and tourists. We had our single-sex shared hotel rooms booked about an hour later and headed out to the slopes to get some skiing in. I was sharing [...] Read more ››