Coastal Area Travelogues

Valparaiso Chaos

I was invited by a friend to visit Valparaiso, who thought I would enjoy this unique city she’s called home for nearly a dozen years. Considering the fact that I’m taking the time to write down my thoughts about it, I’d say she was either very right or very wrong. Well in fact she was very right. Be it the [...] Read more ››

Matetic Wine Tour

Down to our last day in Chile, we decided to splurge for a car rental so we could quickly get ourselves around and explore what we could. The simple process of getting a car wasn’t quite as easy as we had hoped, cutting into our travel time by a couple hours, but these are the joys of travelling in a [...] Read more ››

This is an account of our journey to Easter Island. Now before you go getting excited for the wrong reasons, Easter Island is not the home of the Easter Bunny, overflowing with chocolate eggs. What it is, is a well known island off the coast of Chile, world famous for its incredible Stone statues depicting giant Maoi heads. We’ve been here [...] Read more ››

September 18th

For those who don’t know, “the dieciocho” is a national holiday in Chile, taking place on September 18th, with the 19th being a holiday as well. With most people booking off time from work on the day that falls nearest to the weekend, it works out to be a 5 day break filled with merriment for Chileansand tourists. I sometimes [...] Read more ››

Neruda’s House in Isla Negra

Pablo Neruda is unquestionably on of Chile’s most famous poets, and in fact is probably one of its most famous citizens period. It’s often said, and is surely quite true, that if you say el Poeta to someone in Chile, they’ll immediately take you to be talking about Pablo. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and tragically [...] Read more ››


San Francisco is pretty famous in America for its numerous hilly areas, but it was nothing compared to Valparaiso. This unique city is almost like two cities in one, a lower flat part and the large upper part of the city, with giant hills that make San Fran’s hills look like speed bumps. The lower section is very flat and condensed, [...] Read more ››

Hiking with the Moais

If anyone asked me which Pacific Island had the best hiking opportunities I would undoubtedly say Easter Island. This small 11 km wide, 23 km long island, call Rapa Nui by the locals, is crowded with thousands of massive Polynesian statues, each lovingly crafted and singularly unique, on the same scale as China’s Terracotta Army, only crafted out of massive [...] Read more ››

Santiago and Valparaiso

November 5 – We took our first steps upon the unfamiliar terrain of Santiago this afternoon, taking a taxi from our drop off point to Mercure Hotel, just a short distance from Santa Lucia Subway Station, after which we struck out for food to feed our ravening stomachs. For this, we hit up the Bar de la Union, a place [...] Read more ››

A great day in Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

On Saturday I took a leisurely stroll around Valparaiso and happened to stumble upon a free concert taking place in a square. It was a group called Pachamama de Valparaiso, and I really enjoyed their performance. Later that evening I hooked up with Albert, a friend I had met while staying at the hostel in Santiago. We went to one [...] Read more ››

2014 in Chile, in the Central Area

Our plane brought us into Santiago on New Year’s Day, with New Year’s rolling in just after we boarded. We had a nice little celebration aboard the plane, though naturally tempered by the situation. You don’t want people getting too crazy on a plane, least of all the pilots! New Year’s Day in Chile isn’t quite like most places in [...] Read more ››