Perito Moreno and Calafate

My journey to  El Calafate bus station was slightly traumatic, as I still felt a little buggered from a stomach bug I had been dealing with. It’s really the worst time to get something like that, all you want to do is sleep and stay away from people, which you can’t really do on a vacation. I decided to stay [...] Read more ››

Antuco and Laguna del Laja

Parque Nacional Laguna de Laja. What I had expected to be a pleasant trip into Chile suddenly sounded rather frightening, as visions of volcanoes, icy peaks, blistering winds, and yetis danced in my head (yes, yetis!). I wasn’t much for adventure, being more the “ooh, let’s go look at that flower!” type, rather than the “drive faster, my heart isn’t [...] Read more ››

San Pedro de Atacama…Chile’s North

Today saw us aboard a bus for the whole day (and then some, about 26 hours worth of travel time), as we travelled from the capital Santiago to the Atacama Desert and San Pedro de Atacama, a small town amidst this desolate region. I’m thankful we had comfortable bus seats, that not only allowed us to sit comfortable without too [...] Read more ››

From Buenos Aires to Pucon

I’m writing this after having just returned from Chile for the fourth time. It seems like no matter how often I go, I still have that urge to return again, and I have a feeling my relationship with Chile is not at an end yet. I began this trip by flying into Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most diverse [...] Read more ››

Lauca National Park

I was up early in the morning to catch a tour bus departing to Lauca at 7:30. It would fill the entire day, returning at approximately 8:00 in the evening. I had a bus to catch south immediately following this tour, so I had to pack all my stuff and bring it with me on the tour. The tour-goers were [...] Read more ››

Andes Lake Crossing Patagonia

Today was quite an experience, as I journeyed across the lake districts of Chile and Argentina. It started in Puerto Varas by bus, and we first made our way around Lago Llanquihue. On the way we passed through a National Park, the Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales, which is on the Chilean side. Along this route we passed by a [...] Read more ››

Santiago ́s downtown like Toronto

The strangest thing about Santiago for me was that it felt very much like my hometown of Toronto, Canada, in a good way. The streets were very organized and clean, the people were friendly, it was a very comforting experience. Even walking around felt more like home, where pedestrians are generally given the right of way, which is not the [...] Read more ››

Neruda’s House in Isla Negra

Pablo Neruda is unquestionably on of Chile’s most famous poets, and in fact is probably one of its most famous citizens period. It’s often said, and is surely quite true, that if you say el Poeta to someone in Chile, they’ll immediately take you to be talking about Pablo. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and tragically [...] Read more ››


San Francisco is pretty famous in America for its numerous hilly areas, but it was nothing compared to Valparaiso. This unique city is almost like two cities in one, a lower flat part and the large upper part of the city, with giant hills that make San Fran’s hills look like speed bumps. The lower section is very flat and condensed, [...] Read more ››

Hiking with the Moais

If anyone asked me which Pacific Island had the best hiking opportunities I would undoubtedly say Easter Island. This small 11 km wide, 23 km long island, call Rapa Nui by the locals, is crowded with thousands of massive Polynesian statues, each lovingly crafted and singularly unique, on the same scale as China’s Terracotta Army, only crafted out of massive [...] Read more ››