Here in La Serena

Maria’s Case was my home away from home while staying in La Serena, a small coastal beach town in Chile, and it’s one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed at anywhere. It was relatively small, with just 9 rooms, and featured a nice outdoor garden area, large kitchen and free internet access (this should be a necessity at all hostels, [...] Read more ››

Heading to Patagonia onboard Navimag ferry

This is the account of my travels aboard the Navimag between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales, a tiny portion of my massive world travel expedition. I’m now nearing the end of my fourth month travelling around the world, with two more months still ahead of me. I woke up in my hostel room in Puerto Montt eager for a shower before [...] Read more ››

Beautiful Chiloe

My travelogue picks up as I head from Puerto Montt to the Chiloe island , first taking a bus to the coast and a boat from there. On Chiloe I’ll be making for the capital Castro. Arriving in the town, I find it very welcoming. All the island communities I’ve visited always tend to have a very welcoming and laid [...] Read more ››

From Lake District to Punta Arenas city

Puerto Varas is a picturesque town, surrounded by two jutting volcanoes on either side, like twin sentinels guarding the town from attack. It reminded me very much of a Swiss town nestled high up in the Alps. We weren’t terribly lucky with the weather while we were here though, as it rained virtually the entire time, with dreary overcast skies [...] Read more ››

“Cafés con piernas” in Santiago

After an 11 hour flight from New Zealand, we finally touched down in Santiago, Chile. I was greeted rather humourlessly at customs by a rather stern woman, who insisted on X-Raying my bags, and then grilling me on every technological doo-dad I had packed for the journey, including my iPod and my PlayStation (yes, I come prepared for any eventuality, [...] Read more ››

From Chuquicamata to San Pedro

I’ve had enough of big cities and resting for now, it was now time to get out there and explore! I would next be travelling by bus to San Pedro de Atacama, and these buses were really extravagant, not at all like what I was used to back home. As this would be a long journey to San Pedro de [...] Read more ››

Beautiful Santiago

Crossing the border between Argentina and Chile was no easy feat as you can imagine. I had to fill out multiple forms, then line up and deliver those forms to the waiting border patrol, along with my passport. At this point I got my embarked stamp and was officially able to leave Argentina. This of course was only half the [...] Read more ››

The driest desert in the world

For many, riding on buses is akin to torture. Cramped seating, long trips with no chance to stretch your legs, it’s not pleasant even the best of circumstances. The Chilean buses we’ve rode on have been really nice, with large comfortable seats, air-conditioning, and overhead T.V’s, but even so, when you’re on a 20+ hour journey as we were, eventually [...] Read more ››

Crossing Patagonia by bus

I spent a good deal of time in Punta Arenas searching for a ride to Ushuaia in distant Argentina. It’s a journey of at least a good half a day I suspect, and ideally I’ll be able to find a route there at night, so I can sleep along the way, refreshed and ready for what will occur from that point [...] Read more ››

Wonderful Australis Cruise

At this point on our trip we are about to embark upon our second major highlight, a cruise aboard the Via Australis, which will take us around the southern tip of South America to Ushuaia. Getting here was half the fun, and was really the first highlight of our trip. We spent 5 days hiking on a relatively straight course [...] Read more ››