A taste of Chilean Patagonia

Considering the information I had heard of Chile from others, it’s a wonder I made it here at all. It’s a stale country, and overly expensive I had heard. Boy, were they ever wrong. It’s hard to imagine this people could ever have visited the same country as I witnessed, if indeed they ever had. And am I ever glad [...] Read more ››

2014 in Chile, in the Central Area

Our plane brought us into Santiago on New Year’s Day, with New Year’s rolling in just after we boarded. We had a nice little celebration aboard the plane, though naturally tempered by the situation. You don’t want people getting too crazy on a plane, least of all the pilots! New Year’s Day in Chile isn’t quite like most places in [...] Read more ››

22 hours after Santiago

After quite a lengthy bus ride aboard a luxurious double decker bus (I got stuck on the bottom), we arrived at last in Santiago, Chile, and boy was it a welcome sight, if only to signal we could finally remove ourselves from the, albeit comfortable, seats which now had our imprints on them. It had been quite a journey, travelling south through northern [...] Read more ››

Five days in Patagonia

After weeks of travelling solo in Northern Argentina, I was eager to hook up again with Brad, and we did so in Santiago. From here we headed south through the regions of Bariloche, El Chalten, El Calafate, and Pucon, with our ultimate destination being Torres del Paine. This was to be one of the highlights of our trip, the other [...] Read more ››

4..3..2..1..Happy New Year from Viña del Mar!

It was the 29th of December when I arrived at the quaint little hostel just outside Valparaiso. With a couple days yet to go before New Year’s celebrations, I had plenty of time to get to know the other guests at the hostel. This was quite a different and welcome change for me, as I rarely stay around anyone longer [...] Read more ››

Pucon and Chile’s Lake District

If you like adventure come to Pucon. Located in the south of Chile it is a place to come more than once.  We rented a 4WD pick-up truck (rented at our Santiago’s airport arrival through and took highway 5 towards the south.  Drove like 9 hours, but the landscape was so beautiful that we didn’t feel the distance. In [...] Read more ››

Cajón del Maipo (south east of Santiago)

Very closed to Santiago, it’s the chance to run away from the city and experience a real contact with Santiago’s nature, the mountains.  And it’s exactly what “santiaguinos” do on weekends, lots of people in touch with healthy life, bike riding and trekking, and if you go far far away into Los Andes mountains you can reach some natural hots [...] Read more ››

Ice for the Whisky!: My Trip to Torres del Paine

I am not going to lie, I went to Chile only to be in Torres del Paine. And why there? you might ask, because I had the lifetime dream to be with my lads: Travis and Randy, drinking whisky with glacier ice. It sounds a little bit excentric, but I saw this TV spot with the three guys fishing and drinking [...] Read more ››

Elqui Valley: The Sun Through the Vines

I arrived in Chile, with one thing of my mind, Elqui Valley, I had seen the pictures of my friend Peter in his last trip to Chile to his hometown Cochiguaz, since that moment I knew I had to get there in some point of my life. Elqui Valley is pure magic, is something about the vines, the river, the hills [...] Read more ››

Two Days at Viña del Mar

I am an IT executive for a firm in the U.S and i have been traveling through South America the last three years. Chile is one of my favorite destinations, even though i don’t get out of my hotel or meeting point as often as i’d like to. Until now i’ve been only in Santiago Chile capital city and my [...] Read more ››