Patagonia Zone Travelogues

From Santiago to Patagonia

We’ve arrived at long last in Santiago, Chile, via our flight from San Francisco. We spent this first evening in a cute little hotel downtown, crashing for just a few hours before getting up and at it. We were really impressed with the transportation system here, the trains and buses run regularly and function all over the city. We checked out [...] Read more ››

Chilean Patagonia in Mountain Bike

My 2011 got off to a great beginning. I spent New Year’s Eve with an eclectic group of people, the family that runs the hostel I was staying at, some Americans, and some Dutch cyclists. After being up way too late and waking up way too early, I was now off south with the Dutch cyclists to hook up with [...] Read more ››

September 18th

For those who don’t know, “the dieciocho” is a national holiday in Chile, taking place on September 18th, with the 19th being a holiday as well. With most people booking off time from work on the day that falls nearest to the weekend, it works out to be a 5 day break filled with merriment for Chileansand tourists. I sometimes [...] Read more ››

Torres del Paine National Park

I’m not often one to throw around superlatives haphazardly, but Patagonia is really deserving of many. It was simply a beautiful place, awe-inspiring and pristine. It’s an incredibly diverse area of the world that really should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetimes. You have towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, green valleys, glaciers, and so much more. [...] Read more ››

Penguin style in Southern Patagonia

We were up at a rather unconventional 3:30 am, in preparation for our 3 plus hour drive to Punta Arenas from Puerto Natales. On the docket for today was a trip by boat to Isla Magdalena, an uninhabited island. Well uninhabited by humans that is. Penguins on the other hand run wild here, with as many as 150,000 on the [...] Read more ››

Penguins in Chilean Patagonia

We recently spent a week in Patagonia, which is our usual vacation time, and thought we’d share some of the highlights of our trip, as well as tips for other travellers to the region. Travellers generally try to cram too much into each trip, which results in their minds getting so overloaded with info that it can’t process it all. [...] Read more ››

Patagonia Ushuaia

I’ve been to Patagonia before, and it’s still as impressive as ever. Yet even though I get nearly the same impression from it now that I did the first time, I still envy anyone who has yet to lay eyes on this region. There’s nothing like the first time. I guess if I was going to get amnesia, the one [...] Read more ››

Our Navimag ferry trip

At first we were unsure about whether or not we should take the Navimag, as maybe some of you are. We had heard some conflicting reports about it, mostly because the weather can at times be awful, all but restricting you to your cabin, which would amount to a pretty expensive reading trip. We decided to go for it at [...] Read more ››

Perito Moreno and Calafate

My journey to  El Calafate bus station was slightly traumatic, as I still felt a little buggered from a stomach bug I had been dealing with. It’s really the worst time to get something like that, all you want to do is sleep and stay away from people, which you can’t really do on a vacation. I decided to stay [...] Read more ››

From Lake District to Punta Arenas city

Puerto Varas is a picturesque town, surrounded by two jutting volcanoes on either side, like twin sentinels guarding the town from attack. It reminded me very much of a Swiss town nestled high up in the Alps. We weren’t terribly lucky with the weather while we were here though, as it rained virtually the entire time, with dreary overcast skies [...] Read more ››