South Area travelogues

Villarrica Volcano

So it’s 5 A.M, I’m supposed to be climbing Villarrica Volcano today (yes, a volcano!), and all I can think is that I don’t want to wake up. Those first moments are always the hardest. Of course I eventually managed to pull myself out of bed and groggily prepare some breakfast, a bowl of Special K as it were. Like [...] Read more ››

September 18th

For those who don’t know, “the dieciocho” is a national holiday in Chile, taking place on September 18th, with the 19th being a holiday as well. With most people booking off time from work on the day that falls nearest to the weekend, it works out to be a 5 day break filled with merriment for Chileansand tourists. I sometimes [...] Read more ››

Antuco and Laguna del Laja

Parque Nacional Laguna de Laja. What I had expected to be a pleasant trip into Chile suddenly sounded rather frightening, as visions of volcanoes, icy peaks, blistering winds, and yetis danced in my head (yes, yetis!). I wasn’t much for adventure, being more the “ooh, let’s go look at that flower!” type, rather than the “drive faster, my heart isn’t [...] Read more ››

From Buenos Aires to Pucon

I’m writing this after having just returned from Chile for the fourth time. It seems like no matter how often I go, I still have that urge to return again, and I have a feeling my relationship with Chile is not at an end yet. I began this trip by flying into Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most diverse [...] Read more ››

Andes Lake Crossing Patagonia

Today was quite an experience, as I journeyed across the lake districts of Chile and Argentina. It started in Puerto Varas by bus, and we first made our way around Lago Llanquihue. On the way we passed through a National Park, the Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales, which is on the Chilean side. Along this route we passed by a [...] Read more ››

Heading to Patagonia onboard Navimag ferry

This is the account of my travels aboard the Navimag between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales, a tiny portion of my massive world travel expedition. I’m now nearing the end of my fourth month travelling around the world, with two more months still ahead of me. I woke up in my hostel room in Puerto Montt eager for a shower before [...] Read more ››

Beautiful Chiloe

My travelogue picks up as I head from Puerto Montt to the Chiloe island , first taking a bus to the coast and a boat from there. On Chiloe I’ll be making for the capital Castro. Arriving in the town, I find it very welcoming. All the island communities I’ve visited always tend to have a very welcoming and laid [...] Read more ››

Cozy Pucon

I was settled in for a rather uneventful journey from Valdivia, which turned out to be anything but. We were a good ways along on our trek, maybe halfway or so, when suddenly the bus began to sound a little worse for wear. I suspected a flat tire, and it seemed the driver noticed this very quickly as well, as [...] Read more ››

Ski in Chillan

After exhausting the many possibilities for excitement in Pucon we hopped on a bus to Temuco, where we would then catch a train to Chillan Ski Center, in the hopes of getting some skiing in, a favourite pastime of ours. Finding an affordable hostel near to the slopes was proving quite a challenge however, and as it turned out the [...] Read more ››

Puerto Varas and surroundings

The journey by bus to Puerto Varas was fairly uneventful, mostly because I spent much of it either sleeping or absorbed in the new Harry Potter novel. By mid afternoon we had arrived at Puerto Varas, at which point thoughts of sleep and Hogwarts were cast aside. This old German colony maintains a distinctive look from any of the other [...] Read more ››