Last Update: February 20th, 2019
Australis Cruise

Australis Cruise Are you considering the Australis cruise? Check the rates and cabins of one of the most famous Chile cruises. Mare australis, Stella and Via australis will take you to great natural settings, the best on the Chile cruises itineraries. Live the great adventure today. Read More ››

Navimag Ferry Boat

Navimag Ferry Boat Navimag Ferry is the affordable choice to cruise the fjords and glaciers of Patagonia. Get on board and make your route from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales or Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt. Read More ››

Nomads of the Seas

Nomads of the Seas Water, land or air, choose Nomads of the sea cruise, a premium Chile cruise experience which will take you beyond any other Chile cruise itinerary will. Check itineraries and rates here. Don't miss your 2011 adventure. Read More ››

Skorpios Cruises

Skorpios Cruises Make your own path on board of the Skorpios II Cruise – Chonos Route or Skorpios III Cruise – Kaweskar Route. Check their itineraries, rates and cabins and make your first step to the Chilean glaciers adventure today. Read More ››

Or jump directly into these amazing Cruises

Antarctic Dream Cruise

Antarctic Dream Cruise An Antarctic Expedition to the most impressive place in the world: The White Continent. Book with us and you will have 1 FREE NIGHT in Ushuaia. One of the most amazing Chile cruises available. Read More ››

Mare Australis

Mare Australis Enjoy Patagonia on board of the Mare Australis cruise, one of the most popular Chile cruises. Departing every saturday from Punta Arenas. Check rates and cabins and get on board for the 2011 Chile cruises season. Read More ››

Stella Australis

Stella Australis Don't miss your spot on the newest cruise ship of Australis cruise. Stella Australis offers 100 cabins and a great route to enjoy glaciers, fjords and the beautiful south of Chile. Reserve the best spot on a Chile cruise today. Read More ››

Via Australis

Via Australis Via Australis cruise is a great choice among Chile cruises. Choose your route from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas in this 64 cabins ship. Begin your 2011 Chile cruise adventure today. Read More ››

Ferry from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales

Ferry from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales From Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, sailing through the Patagonic Channels in the last native frontier in the world. Read More ››

Ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt

Ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt Be part of an adventure through native fjords, islands and the most incredible nature. Discover Puerto Eden, the last settlement of Kaweskar natives. Read More ››

Ferry to San Rafael Lagoon

Ferry to San Rafael Lagoon This is a great option to discover why San Rafael Lagoon was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Come and discover eternal ice fields, nature islands and impressive fjords. Read More ››

Ultimate Flyfishing Program

Ultimate Flyfishing Program Catch and release the best local species and discover Patagonia with this premium Chile fly fishing package. Practice your favorite sport in unpolluted spaces with natural scenes that you will love. Check in today. Read More ››

Wildlife Adventure Program

Wildlife Adventure Program Want to know all there is in Patagonia, Wildlife Adventure Program is what you are after. The program offers a unique experience through the Patagonia landscape. Don't miss your spot and get the best of Patagonia nature. Read More ››

Skorpios II Cruise

Skorpios II Cruise We invite you to sail an unforgettable native landscape to discover eternal ice fields and the famous San Rafael Lagoon and Glacier, with an exclusive service and the best food on board. One of the most required Chile cruises. Read More ››

Skorpios III Cruise

Skorpios III Cruise Come along and enjoy Skorpios III cruise, one of our Chile cruises that will show you the most breathtaking glaciers in the area. Skorpios III stands out from other Chile cruises for a more private experience (only 50 cabins on board). Don't miss the Chile cruises season and get on board on this adventure. Read More ››