There is not a right word that can define what you feel the first time you see Antarctica or Antartida. For many, Antartida is a magic and almost abstract place, where the nature becomes an incredible example of perfection, beauty and nature. And every Summer (Southern Hemisphere) the ”Antarctic Dream Cruise” navigate through this white and pure landscape, during 11 or 8 days, discovering peninsulas, and walking through paths where very few privileged people have had the opportunity to walk.

Antarctica or Antartida is the Last Frontier, the White Continent, the pristine Continent, or whatever you want to call it. In Antarctica you will discover how the orcas, together with penguins, can dance near the Ship;  you will have the chance of swimming in the coldest water, but in the middle of a volcano Island, in Deception Island.  You will drink with eternal ices, enjoy interesting lectures on board and much more.

During most part of high season, from December 15th until January 31st the program considers 7 nights of program.  So you get a flight from Punta Arenas (in Chile) to Villa Las Estrellas to board the Antarctic Dream or you will take the flight from Villa las Estrellas to Punta Arenas in the return, depending on the schedule departure.

So our invitation is you to get aboard in this beautiful, unimaginable, and unforgettable adventure, sailing through the Channel Beagle, discovering the famous Drake Passage, the King George Island, Petermann Island, Neko Bay, Deception Island, among others.

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