Why Australis Cruise?

Maybe this would be a good idea to start a brief introduction of what is the reason that you, at any time of your life, should come on board in some of the three ships Australis Cruise has now.

And the best answer to this question is the landscape you will see from the big windows that are located in the three Australis Cruises: Via Australis, or Stella Australis.

Many passengers think that the best place to listen its favorite music or to read that a special book, is in the bow of some of the Australis Cruise. Every summer and spring seasons (Southern Hemisphere) Via Australis, Mare Australis and Stella Australis navigate from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia and vice versa during 3 or 4 nights, depending on the route you choose.

And probably there is no other place, but Patagonia, where the new adventurers are caught by the landscape, the atmosphere, the silence and the colors that will have the chance of feeling and admiring. Patagonia is that portion of land located at the end of South America, visited during many years ago, by adventurers, sciences, pirates and corsairs. Many of them, used to put a ring as a signal of survival, as soon as they finished crossing the enigmatic Cape Horn.

Now a days, maybe the most dangerous issue you can find during the voyage will be to go too many times at the Open Bar on the Australis Cruises.

Because, on board you will feel that the landscape “captures” you; the colors, the solitude, the silence… everything seems to tell us that it is quite possible that this part of the world is still cleaner, native and magic, like thousands of years ago.

The adventure on board Via Australis, Mare Australis or of the new Stella Australis, begins weighing anchor from Punta Arenas or from Ushuaia. If you choose to stars in Punta Arenas, the Cruise will take 5 days to arrive at Ushuaia. If, on the contrary, you prefer to start in Ushuaia, the cruise will take 4 days.

The three Australis Cruises navigates the route from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia or from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas. Here it is some specific information about them:


Via Australis Cruise

Via Australis Cruise was built in the 2005 and, as Mare Australis, it has 5 decks, 2 living rooms and 64 cabins, all them with private bathroom, low beds and panoramic window

Stella Australis Cruise

It is the newest in the Cruise of the Australis Cruise family and started its operation during 2010. It is also the biggest ship, since it has a capacity of 100 cabins and 3 living rooms.

But honestly, It doesn’t matter which of them you will choose. What it’s true is all the places and the landscapes that you will discover during all the days you will be on board. You will not have enough words to describe what you will feel and I can assure that you will want to live it again.

Glaciers, fjords, islands and the most extraordinary nature are waiting for you. Welcome on board Australis Cruise!