Day 1 Calbuco – Ancud Golf – Corcovado Gulf

Informative talk at 02:00 pm.   Boarding at 02:30 PM.  Departure 04:00 pm.   Afternoon, Captain’s Welcoming talk and safety video at 05:00 PM.  Later dinner 07:30; film and live music  at 10:00 PM.

Day 2     Melinka – Perez Channels – Pulluche Channel

Breakfast at 08:30  AM.   Morning briefing 09:15 AM about Flora and Fauna.  Lunch at midday.  Afternoon talk about Kaweskar people.  Documentary and dinner at 07:30 PM. Later, film and live music at 10:00 PM.

Day 3     Messier Channel – Puerto Edén – Pio XI

Free early coffee at 06:00 am.  Breakfast at 08:00 AM.  Morning Briefing and disembarking in Puerto Eden 11:00 AM (During high season).  Lunch.  Talk about Geology and Glaciation in the afternoon.  Later talk about Torres del Paine.  Dinner at 07:30 PM.  Bingo and final party at 09:30 PM.

Day 4     White Channel – Ultima Esperanza Fjord

Breakfast at 08:00 AM.   Morning briefing 09:30 AM.  Returning the keys and disembarking upon conditions, at 11:00 AM.