Rates are per passenger in American Dollars and include:

  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Land fall in Puerto Eden (subject to weather conditions)
  • Activities on board
  • Guides and talks
  • Landfall in Puerto Eden
  • Remember that rates might change without any previous notice

AAA CabinU$ 1,630U$ 870
AA CabinU$ 1,460U$ 770U$ 550U$ 435
A CabinU$ 1,200U$ 630U$ 460U$ 400
BBB CabinU$ 1,200U$ 630U$ 460U$ 400
BB CabinU$ 1,200U$ 630U$ 460U$ 400
CC CabinU$ 1,000U$ 550U$ 400U$ 350
C BulkU$ 300

AAA CabinU$ 2,470U$ 1,250
AA CabinU$ 2,370U$ 1,200U$ 875U$ 690
A CabinU$ 2,100U$ 1,100U$ 750U$ 590
BBB CabinU$ 1,900U$ 1,000
BB CabinU$ 1,900U$ 1,000U$ 710U$ 590
CC CabinU$ 1,600U$ 850U$ 580U$ 480
C BulkU$ 420


High Season    All departures from November 1 to March 31, 2012
Low Season     All departures from April 1 to October 31, 2011


Every Friday at 16:00 hrs.

Cancellation Policies

If after confirming the FERRY reservation, passengers need to cancel the services, our company will charge the following amounts, according the dates prior to cruise departure.  All cancellations must be sent via email to our office:

Days in advance                                                                           Charges

  • 25 days before cruise departure                                                   20% of the total amount
  • Between 25 and 15 days before cruise departure                     40% of the total amount
  • Between 15 and 10 days before cruise departure                     80% of the total amount
  • Less than 10 days before cruise departure                                 No refund applied

We strongly recommend you to take a Travel Insurance.


  • Check in is made during Friday from 09:00 AM until 12:30 PM
  • Boarding time at 14:30 hrs MAXIMUM
  • Departure is at 16:00 hrs.
  • Program, departure dates and services might change without any previous notice
  • All departures have to be confirmed with 48 hours prior
  • Rates are per passengers and might change without any previous notice