Day 1   Calbuco – Ancud Golf – Corcovado Gulf

Boarding the ferry at 02:30 pm. Later, you will have an Informative talk at 03:00 pm and safety video. The ship departs at 05:00 pm. In the affternoon, Captain’s introduction and later dinner and live music.

Day 2   Moraleda Channel – Guaitecas Island – Puerto Chacabuco

Breakfast at 07:30 AM. In the morning you will have a briefing about Aysén Region and Laguna San Rafael (San Rafael Lagoon and Glacier). Lunch at midday. In the afternoon arrival at Puerto Chacabuco. From here, you will have an option tour to visit the city of Aysén. Return to the Ferry and then, dinner and party. Departure from Puerto Chacabuco around 11:00 PM.

Day 3   Elefantes Fjord – San Rafael Lagoon

Breakfast at 07:30 AM. Welcome to San Rafael Lagoon and Glacier. In the morning, the Ferry will entrance to San Rafael Lagoon. As soon as you arrive there, boat rides IF THE WEATHER CONDITIONS PERMITS. At midday, lunch and later lectures about the area. The Ship departs from San Rafael Lagoon in the evening. Dinner and later, party and games.

Day 4   Puerto Chacabuco – Moraleda Channel – Corcovado Golf

Breakfast at 07:00 AM. In the morning you will arrive in Puerto Chacabuco. From here, you will have the chance of taking an optional tour to Coihaique. Return to the Ferry and lunch on board. Continue in the afternoon with a documentary. Dinner, bingo and party.

Day 5   Calbuco – Ancud Gulf – Reloncavi Bay

Breakfast at 08:00 AM. Morning breafing about Puerto Montt and the region. Lunch at 12:30 PM. Returning of keys and disembarking today afternoon.