Nomads is a company created with one clear purpose: to become the world’s most important special interests operation covering the luxury segment with a unique offer, through sophisticated operational models set up in places considered planetary icons.

Nomads’ first venture is Nomads of the Sea®, based on a state-of-the-art expedition cruise, the Atmosphere, it offers its guests the unique opportunity of exploring Patagonia by air, land and water. Thanks to a first rate crew and a cutting edge air and water transport system, Nomads of the Seas can deliver the thrill of fly-fishing, the majesty of whale-watching as well as bird-watching, nature photography, and a varied selection of soft outdoor adventures in unexplored surroundings of incredible beauty, in the southernmost corner of the world.

Nomads of the Sea has been operating for two years. During its first season, November 2006 till April 2007, the Atmosphere caught the attention of famed fly-fishermen, whale watchers and influential international media from all over the world. They heartily endorsed Nomads of the Seas’ innovative approach and its ability to fulfill the demanding requirements and high-end standards of specialty tourism.

Nomads next adventure comes together with the development of a spectacular and exclusive mountain operation, with great infrastructure and architecture, which was launched in 2009. The specific location of this new venture lays in the central zone of the Andes Mountain range, which is known for its wonderful climate, the excellent quality of its snow, and the lack of high level tourism activities.

Together with these two operations, Nomads has a third one in mind located in the northern part of Chile, specifically in the Atacama Desert. All of them are based on the concepts that define a Nomadss operation: theys re unique, exclusive and sophisticated and are located in iconic places of the world, with models that are extremely careful with the environment.

Words from the Nomads of the Sea’s founder

Fishing and Nature have been my life’s passion, and have prompted me to travel the most unexplored corners of my country and the world. I have flown and sailed many hours and scouted many lands looking for the best fishing spots, only to conclude that the Chilean Patagonia is definitely one of the best and most wonderful places on the planet.

Along with a highly specialized team, we have organized an unprecedented operation: we have built a ship especially designed to sail the Patagonian fjords, and we have equipped it with helicopters, several jet boats, jon boats, drift boats, cata rafts, kayaks and Zodiacs to reach any place we desire with utmost versatility and safety: the best fishing spots and eco-tour locations and areas where no one has ever set foot before.

Some say that trips are personal experiences, that every person perceives these experiences differently and cherishes every memory according to their own history and sensibility.

To every collective memory there is a vision behind it, a vision where adventure, cuisine, engineering, flight, fly fishing, ecotourism and service go hand in hand with experiencing untouched nature.

I have always wanted to share this vision with you and every other adventurer.

In Patagonia it is not man who dictates the schedule but nature, with all its force and splendor.

Every time we chose a route, navigate through a fiord or a rapid river, we stopped in a lagoon, reached a mountain top, flew over unexplored territory or headed towards a glacier; it was Patagonia itself who showed us the way. The same happened when we adventured through millenary forests, we traveled through plains or we bathed in exquisite thermal waters.

For everybody on the Nomads of the Seas team it will be a great challenge and privilege to share this expedition with you. Just as the Patagonian landscape is a vast one, so are the different persons that sail each time with us. Precisely, it is in that human diversity where I get the greatest treasures from each new journey; allowing friendships to last a lifetime or just fade away into beautiful memories.

We truly wish that you are able to enjoy the Nomads experience. Our love and passion for this activity it what makes us true Nomads. We invite you to sail, walk and fly over the Chilean Patagonia with us, to live an unbound experience of endless adventure. State-of-the-art one week expedition cruise to explore Patagonia by air land and water. The journey is centered in the central-southern and southern areas of Patagonia covering 750 km (405 nautical miles) from the bay of Puerto Montt to the Taitao Peninsula. Departing and returning to Puerto Montt. Deluxe sailing journey through gentle fjords and channels, delightful, unspoiled natural parks, unique flora and fauna whale watching, extreme fly-fishing, ecotourism, trekking, kayaking, rafting and jet-boating. An excellent guiding service of highly qualified specialists is available at all times. Whether guests choose to revel in the sight of majestic glaciers, enjoy the perfect warmth of the hot springs, capture the breathtaking landscapes with their lenses or dare to embark on extreme adventure, the top class staff will be devoted to making this a perfect experience in every sense. The cruise ship accommodates 28 passengers and 32 crew members. On board, wine and food professionals prepare thoughtful and delicious menu, fit for the most demanding palates. A complete SPA service is available, including relaxing massages and sauna baths. The cruise ship is also equipped with a 407 Bell helicopter, (6 passengers), 5 Jet boats (6 passengers each), 1 Jet boat (10 passengers), 1 Zodiac Hurricane 920, also 2 Solas rescue boats, 6 Zodiac for heli-zodiac missions and 18 McKenzie drift-boats.