Nomads of the Seas Ultimate Fly Fishing program is, without a doubt, an experience full of adventures and surprises that will captivate the hearts of all courageous explorers that go deep into this adventure. Reaching places where man has never been before, fishing in places that haven’t suffered human alterations, pollution or any kind of intervention other than that of Mother Nature is the privilege that our guests will experience with Nomads of the Seas and its Ultimate Fly Fishing program.

To keep its promise, Nomads of the Seas relies on its cutting edge aero-maritime transport system consisting of a Bell 407 helicopter, 6 jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and other lesser watercrafts such as zodiacs and catacrafts. Meanwhile, 36 McKenzie boats and 12 jetskiffs are placed in strategic spots of the Patagonia, readily available for fishing trips in deeper territory. This equipment allows us to penetrate into the most secluded rivers, lagoons and mountains, some of them lying untouched and unseen, waiting to be discovered.

In Ultimate Fly-Fishing, the angler may become part of a scouting team, which adds a whole new dimension to each expedition. There is no such thing as being bound to a specific location; groups are free to explore privileged sites, including some that have rarely, if ever, seen a fishing line. Due to these conditions, trophy catches are not hard to find at Nomads.