Hanga Roa Hotel

Address:Avda Pont s/n, Rapa Nui
Rates from:U$ 586 per passenger in double room
3 stars Hotel

Having the best location on Eater Island,  stunning sea views, good spacious rooms, a nice bar and restaurant, lovely grounds and a very helpful staff , the Hanga Roa Hotel can offer you good services and access to amenities. The hotel offers 31 Superior Rooms decorated in perfect harmony of exclusive upholstery and stylish furniture.

** Information related to rates might change without any previous notice **

Accommodation Rates available until 31.DEC.16

KaingaFrom 01.MAY.16 to 30.SEP.16USD 441USD 586
KaingaFrom 01.OCT.16 to 31.DEC.16USD 635USD 849
Ma'ungaFrom 01.MAY.16 to 30.SEP.16USD 665USD 821
Ma'ungaFrom 01.OCT.16 to 31.DEC.16USD 683USD 1,055

Services included:

  • Breakfast and accommodation

Low Season PROGRAM Rates from 01.APR.16 to 30.SEP.16

2 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 1,160USD 860
3 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 1,740USD 1,290
4 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 2,320USD 1,720
5 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 2,900USD 2,150
2 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 1,560USD 1,130
3 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 2,340USD 1,695
4 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 3,120USD 2,260
5 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 3,900USD 2,825

High Season PROGRAM Rates from 01.OCT.16 to 31.DEC.16

2 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 1,680USD 1,160
3 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 2,520USD 1,740
4 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 3,360USD 2,320
5 Nights ProgramKaingaUSD 4,200USD2,900
2 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 1,720USD 1,400
3 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 2,580USD 2,100
4 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 3,440USD 2,800
5 Nights ProgramMa'ungaUSD 4,300USD 3,500


Services included in the programs:

  • Round trip transport between the airport and Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa (according to timetables)
  • Accommodation according the program
  • Full Board (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Full day or Half day excursions, according Hotel schedule
  • Bilingual guides (Spanish-English)
  • Cocktails at sunset
  • Two half-day excursions each day
  • Access to the swimming pool


  • On Site Restaurant
  • Full Bussines Center
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Internal Direct Dialing
  • Bar
  • Wifi
  • Private Bathroom
  • Cable Tv

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