Explora Patagonia Hotel

Address:Sector salto chico s/n, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Torres del Paine
Rates from:U$ 2,780 per passenger
5 stars Hotel

Explora Patagonia is a 5 stars hotel in Patagonia, part of the incredible Explora hotels series.

The hotel offers 50 guest rooms -Suites Exploradores, Cordillera Paine Rooms, Salto Chico Rooms, Río Paine Rooms- fully equipped for the comfort of its travellers. Explora provides among other facilities spa, fitness centre, tv room and a game room, in case you get tired of so much nature.

The Del Ona’s Bath House offers the best treatment you can dream on after exploring, trekking , hiking all around the Torres del Paine park, you can count with heated swimming pools, massage rooms and outdoor hydromassage pools.

Explora patagonia highlights:

The Explora Patagonia hotel stands out for its special tours where the guests can choose with an experienced guide 5 exploration alternatives from a total of 25 depending on the kind of experience the guest is looking for.

Located in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park Hotel in the shores of Lake Pehoe. Explora Patagonia offers transport from Punta Arenas to the Explora Hotel.

PROGRAMSingle Double
4 Nights ProgramUSD 3,760USD 2,780
5 Nights ProgramUSD 4,570USD3,350
6 Nights ProgramUSD 5,340USD 3,900
7 Nights ProgramUSD 5,950USD 4,410
8 Nights ProgramUSD 6,760USD4,920

PROGRAMSingle Double
4 Nights ProgramUSD 4,280USD 3,120
5 Nights ProgramUSD 5,230USD3,790
6 Nights ProgramUSD 6,090USD 4,410
7 Nights ProgramUSD 6,790USD 4,935
8 Nights ProgramUSD 7,720USD 5,600

PROGRAMSingle Double
4 Nights ProgramUSD 6,220USD 4,240
5 Nights ProgramUSD 7,660USD 5,160
6 Nights ProgramUSD 8,940USD 6,030
7 Nights ProgramUSD 10,010USD 6,790
8 Nights ProgramUSD 11,400USD 7,600

Services included:

  • Rates per passenger
  • Transfer between Punta Arenas’ Airport to Explora Hotel
  • Accommodation according the Program
  • Full Board:  3 meals per day with bar included
  • Daily explorations with bilingual guide and equipments included.  Maximum of passengers per guide is 10
  • Rates and services are subject to change without any previous notice


  • Room Service
  • Sauna
  • Bar
  • Wifi
  • Laundry Service
  • Private Bathroom
  • Heating

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