Portada de Antofagasta

Cover of Antofagasta, Chile

Portada de Antofagasta, symbol of the city of Antofagasta, Chile

The Portada de Antofagasta is placed 9,94 miles away north from Antofagasta. It is accessed through route 1 (Antofagasta-Tocopilla), until km 20 and from there by a secondary road in a section of 1,24 miles, the both passable all year.

The Portada de Antofagasta is the result of the erosive differential action of the sea on the coast, which has given also to the presence of steep and trimmed cliff. The arc that forms in this monument is the symbol of the city of Antofagasta, reason why its protection acquires a greater value. This beautiful arc of geologic origin was declared Natural Monument in 1990.

The area near the Portada de Antofagasta offers diverse habitats for adapted species to marine environments. The cliff and arc are sites of nest of the Piquero and Gaviotí Monja (Nun), guaneras birds with conservation problems. In addition they are posts station of Pato Guanay and Pelícano. Also in this coastal sector, one is the Dominican Gull, Garuma Gull, Peruvian Gull, Chorlo Vuelvepiedras, Playero and occasionally the Perdicilla.

Between the mammals presents in the zone of the Portada de Antofagasta, the Chungungo or sea Nutria stands out and the old sea dog of Two Hairs; in addition to smaller cetaceans, like the Common Dolphin and Listed Dolphin.

The visitors can make diverse recreational kind of activities in the Portada de Antofagasta, like the observation of the beauty scenic, photographs, make excursions or chill-out on the beach.

The zone of public use of the Portada de Antofagasta includes the beach area, between the zone of access by the north and the fold that is in front of the arc, by the south. The beach of the Portada de Antofagasta is of fine sand and crystalline waters. In the superior platform it is installed a restaurant.

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