Llullaillaco National Park

LLullaillaco National Park in the Big North of Chile

LLullaillaco National Park in the Big North of Chile

Llullaillaco National Park is located 170,88 miles away from Antofagasta, in the mountain range of the Andes of the II Region.

The park has a surface of 663,90 acres, mainly mountainous, some of its elevation are:

  • Llullaillaco volcano: is the second highest elevation in Chile (22.109,5 feet height)

  • La Pena hills (17.257,22 feet)

  • Aguas Calientes (16.601,05 feet)

A great population of vicunas, in addition to some guanacos, chinchillas and foxes culpeo inhabits this area. It has beautiful ravines with water outcrops, like those Zorras, Zorritas, Llullaillaco and Río Frío. Llullaillaco National Park is next to the spectacular salar of Aguas Calientes IV. Considering that exists sectors with presence of minefields, the visits and the ascents to the volcano must be programmed in CONAF of Antofagasta.

Llullaillaco National Park has a network of footpaths of great interest that allow knowing primitive sectors and beautiful forests and lagoons. Most are apt for travelers  who present good physical training conditions. The main sections are Pangal Running-River, Pangal- River Refuge, Lake Cold Sargazo-Lagoon, Jumps Ríos Chaicas and Laguna Chaiquenes.

Facilities like camping areas , snack or qualified lodging and feeding for tourist use, do not exist at the present time.

The most attractive activities to make in the Park are: summit ascent, excursions in vehicles, long walks and photography of flora, fauna and landscapes.

** Information related to Hours, Rates and Dates might change without any previous notice **