Tatio Geysers

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Tatio Geyser near San Pedro de Atacama

Tatio Geyser near San Pedro de Atacama

Framed by an imposing landscape of barren beauty at 97 kms from San Pedro de Atacama are placed the Geysers of Tatio, a geothermal field of volcanic origin, at an altitude of 13.123,36 feet above sea level, where the water and the steam violently appear from the depths. From 2005 it is administered by the communities of Caspana and Toconce that deliver diverse services and charge an entrance fee.

In Tatio Geysers more than 70 smoker’s steam spurts arise, forming 60 pools of boiling water, those have soft edges, formed by mineral salts. In the surroundings of Tatio Geysers there are thermal pools where it is possible to bath, please take all the litter with you while you explore the Tatio Geysers. Walk with precaution by the pedestrian signalized footpaths and respect protection cords; the boiling mud cause burns of first degree, reason why is very dangerous to approach.

Between 5:30am and 7am, the “Geysers del Tatio” present their most active stage reaching 32, 81 feet on each spur, so prepare for an early departure or a night trip to the area.

The route to Tatio Geysers is rather difficult for non-locals, it is preferable to make this stroll by a tour, because you must travel by night to arrive at dawn to the area. The Geysers of Tatio is part of our San Pedro de Atacama Tour.

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