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Tocopilla in the Big North of Chile

Tocopilla in the Big North of Chile

Tocopilla is located in the narrow coastal platform of the Mountain range of the coast 115 miles to the north of Antofagasta and to 101 miles from Calama.

Tocopilla is a small town that has 23,352 inhabitants. Founded as a port for Saltpeter commerce, became a Chilean territory in 1879 after the War of the Pacific against Peru and Bolivia.

While you are in Tocopilla enjoy a visit to the following point of the city:

Covadonga beach with a restaurant and to the flank the ex- hotel of tourism constructed by the State, today functioning as a social club. Look out for the Stone of the Camel, the icon symbol of the city.

Following Arturo Prat Street, cross under a train bridge, next to old houses of employees, who date from 1912. Advance until San Martin, to see the mechanized wharf and the warehouses for load of the saltpeter.

You will encounter the parochial church wood, that distributes masses of May to November, Monday through Friday wings 19 hours and Saturday to the 20 hours; and of December to April, the masses are since Monday to Friday to the 20 hours, Sunday and festive to 12 and 20 hours.

There also is the Tower of the Clock, also it is of polycromatic wood, and that was originally in the square of the saltpeter office, South Coya, and it was given to this port. Lowering by the street Barros Arana, that borders the popular Beach of Saltpeter, you can obtain the best view to the port and its many wharves and mechanized structures.

Raising a block to cross commercial street 21 of May, in Tocopilla is an active commerce to the dusk. The peculiar stepped square surrounded by old large houses can be observed , with galleries in the second floor.

In the corner of Sucre with the Condell Passage, it is located the Cultural Complex of Tocopilla that counts on libraries, amphitheater, audio-visual room and a Graphic-Museum Hall, where pre-Hispanic collections of the coastal sector are exhibited.

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