Village of Tulor

Tulor Village near San Pedro de Atacama

Tulor Village near San Pedro de Atacama

Tulor village was discovered in 1956 by the father Gustavo le Paige S.J. It is one of the oldest human settlements on salt bed, dates from between 800 BC and 500 AD. The village is now an open museum and being just 10 kms distance from any of the San Pedro de Atacama hotels is great for those who enjoy archaeological and cultural sites.

10% of the village of Tulor are the result of excavations made in 1982 by the archaeologist Ana Maria Barone, most of the village is miraculously conserved due to the sand that covered ayllu and the village.

The houses were constructed with a circular technique on clay, reaching almost the 2 meters height.  Once on the site, enter in one of the houses, it will surprise you the coolness and the tenuous inner light.

Part of the discoveries made here can be found in the Archaeological Park of Tulor, where there is a collection house and an exhibition hall. Currently it is administered by the Community of Coyo and CONAF. The cost of the entrance fee is $1.500 hygienic services and dining room are available for visitors.

In the Village of Tulor there is a pedestrian footbridge, a viewpoint and guides of the community of Coyo to assist you.

Tulor village is part of our San Pedro de Atacama Tour, which explore this historical site and the Pukará of the Quitor, the Mountain range of the Salt and the ruins of Catarpe.

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