Azapa Valley (Valle de Azapa)

Azapa Valley near Arica

Azapa Valley near Arica

The mystical Azapa Valley is a fertile agricultural valley near the city of Arica,  with impressive archaeological testimonies shaped in the slopes of the hills. It crosses an area of geoglyphs, on its majority of the period of Regional Development (Desarrollo Regional) {years 1000 to 1400 b.C.), as the village Hill Hat (aldea de Cerro Sombrero). There are sites of the influence period of tiawanaku, as the pukará San Lorenzo (700 to 1000 a.C.), and of Inca influence, as the housing group of Alto Ramirez (1450 to 1500 a.C.).

Within the way that borders the Gorge of Azapa (Quebrada de Azapa), 7 miles from Arica is San Miguel of Azapa of many town of Azapa Valley. Here, you can find the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel of Azapa, where more than 10 thousand years of anthropological and archaeological history of the Hispanic cultures are preserved.

Poconchile is a small town of pre Inca origin that served as an inn, and later on, under the Spanish conquerors, contributed to the tasks of the railroad to Bolivia. In the town is located the Church of San Gerónimo founded in 1605 and that corresponds to the first parish of the Corregimiento of Arica. Its construction is of adobe to which later were added two towers.

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