Bahía Inglesa

Bahía Inglesa, near Chañaral in the North of Chile

Bahía Inglesa, near Chañaral in the North of Chile

(English Bay)

Bahía Inglesa is the beach most attended and known beach in the north of the country, with its beautiful bay, white and sandy beaches, soft waves and transparent turquoise waters, stands as an unique resort in Chile. With warm weather throughout the year, is the best place to start exploring the region or take a break.

Located 6 kms (3.7 miles) west from Panamerican highway and 5 kms (3.1 miles) south from Caldera. Bahía Inglesa with a population of 135, was known as the “English’s Port”, since the “Bachelor”, whose Captain was Edward Davis – the English corsair- landed in this bay in 1687.

Here you can find relaxing beachs such as La Piscina, Las Machas, Blanca and El Chuncho considered some of the best in Chile.

Fossile deposits from 16 million years ago, with different species such as cetacean, birds and sharks can be found in the highest side of Bahía Inglesa 3.1 miles far.

Bahía Inglesa has all what can be expected from a place to spend some unforgettable days: during summer is a renamed touristic zone, with hundred of activities during night and day. Handcraft, discos, pubs and many places for fun that let yo plan different kinds of activities.

An attractive route for those who are interested in watching extraordinary landscapes, Bahía Cisne (Swan Bay), located in the south coast of Bahía Inglesa. It is a beautiful beach with white sands that has no touristic services. It is an open territory to walk without a lot of people. On the other side of the road – crossing the road – in off season you can visit some dunes.

From Bahía Inglesa you can also make the route to Puerto Viejo (Old Port) which is a really great adventure that evoke all our senses. It’s cliffs lined by the wind have left interesting shapes and have created roads that can only be discovered by using a 4×4.

Bahía Inglesa offers cabins, campings, motels and houses for rental during the summer season. The most important services and restaurants are in the port of Caldera, located a few kilometers far from Bahía Inglesa.