Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde)

Green Lagoon or Laguna Verde in the North of Chile

Green Lagoon or Laguna Verde in the North of Chile

Laguna Verde is located 4325 meters high surrounded by new volcanic ashes. When there is no wind, the Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) reflects the hills of the mountain chain in its green waters. A hot spring which is near the Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) border heats water enough to take a short bath.

All the area that surrounds the Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) is more than 4200 meters high. You need to move carefully, if the body still has not adapted to this altitude. The area it’s a good point to begin different excursions to the mountain chain, specially Ojos del Salado.

The High Mountain Chain transforms into an extended plain called Piedra Pomez pampa, in which volcanoes and isolated hills call your attention.

The Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) basin is a prairie surrounded by snowed volcanoes which constitute the greater concentration of high summits from The Andes. Some of them are:

Laguna Verde- 5.872 meters

Peña Blanca-5861 meters

Mulas Muertas-5.897 meters.

Vicuñas-6.067 meters.

San Francisco-6018 meters.

El Ermitaño-6146 meters.

Carrancas Blancas 6.119 meters.

El Fraile 6.040 meters .

El Muerto-6.477 meters.

Tres Cruces-6.749 meters.

Incahuasi 6.615 meters.

Ojos del Salado-6.893 meters high.

Ojos del Salado Volcano‘s area, the surrounding tops and Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) hot springs, have been privatized and there is an entrance fee for those people interested in climbing one of the tops.

In this area there is a Policemen Office (just in summer); remember that border procedures must be performed at Maricunga’s Border Department. In front of it you will find Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) Hot springs, in a place built in 1998. In the surroundings you will find the remains of Murray’s Inn, built by a mining enterprise as a memorial of the geologist in chief who died in a plane accident in that area.

From the lagoon to the border at San Francisco Pathway there are 15.5 miles. This stretch is interesting just for those people who continue to Argentina and can return to Chile by Aguas Negras Pathway to La Serena or through Mendoza to Portillo and Los Andes.

Remember: since June 2005, to pass to Argentina by car it is necessary to hire an Internacional Civil Liability Insurance.