Belen is a town in the north of Chile.

Belen is a town in the north of Chile.

Belén has a population of 148 inhabitants, is located 10.629 feet of altitude, 82 miles of Arica and 47 miles of Putre. It is the only town of the Plateau founded by the Spaniards. The northern town of Belén was constructed according to the colonial model, reason why their streets are perfectly ordered in its section.

The town of Belén has a plaza divided in three levels, here is the small Church of Our Lady. of Belén, that dates to the time of the town foundation. The church was constructed at the end of century XVIII and consists of one nave with walls of adobe. Its altarpiece with carved wood fragments polychrome stands out for its beauty. Its main facade is of carved stone, totally worked with circular pilasters and figures. Its tower is isolated and has three bronze bells.

3 miles to the Southeastern side of Belén, is located the Pucará of Warwarani and is part of the archaeological ruins of the Way of the Inca (Camino del Inca). It is in the northern hill slope that rises in the corner of Warwarani, delimited by the gully of Laguane and the gully of Belén , and forms more than 500 circular enclosures. There are other rectangular platforms and caves on the slopes.

In the town several religious celebration take place July 25th in honor to San Santiago; in February it is carried out the Celebration of the Candelaria and July 15th anc 16th, the Celebration of the Virgen de la Candelaria.

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