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Pichilemu Beach, Chile
Pichilemu Beach, Chile

Pichilemu has 12,392 inhabitants is the Capital of Province Cardinal Caro (Capital de la Provincia Cardenal Caro), offers beautiful rustic landscapes which stand out next to green bluish ocean that extends throughout 62 miles with attractive appropriate gray sand beaches in its majority for swimming, fishing and surfing.

The area offers to the visitor a great spectrum: handcrafting in traditional chilean clay (gredas of the Copao, clay of Pañul); gastronomy through the Ranchos Campesinos: San Andrés en Ciruelos, Oro Blanco in Barrancas and  Bronce in Villa next to the Nilahue matting. In each one of these farms you will be able to taste delicious plates with traditional food, as well as typical drinks.

Within the city visit the Park Agustín Ross, declared national monument, that was constructed in 1885 and you count on centennial palms and meadows. We recommend a long walk by the park, with a wonderful view to the beach. To a flank of the park, the building of the former Casino of Games is raised, declared national monument and constructed between 1906 and 1909 that displays the aspect of a French castle. At the moment, the Room of Art Agustín Ross (La Sala de Arte Agustín Ross) lodges the tourist information center; the total restoration is awaited to turn it into a cultural center.

Pichilemu park in Chile
Pichilemu park in Chile

In front of the ex- Casino is the entrance to the Municipal Forest (Bosque Municipal), green area of almost 0.6 miles of extension, the one that can be crossed by a footpath surrounded by palms and pines (there are tennis courts in leasing). From that point will be able to access the la Cruz Hill and to enjoy a great panoramic view from there.

Don’t miss the chance to take a traditional stroll in “small goats” (vehicle of 2 wheels) or in cars thrown by horses.

Mirador de Infiernillo is perfect spot to see the sunset.To the south of Infiernillo, a coast with cliffs extends, between which there are attractive beaches.

Every October and December The International Championship of Surf takes place in La Puntilla Beach.

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