Santa Rosa de Pelequén (Sanctuary)

(Pelequen: mud Space)

Santa Rosa de Pelequen Sanctuary

Santa Rosa de Pelequen Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Santa Rosa of Lima (Santa Rosa de Lima) is located in Pelequén at 25 miles to the Southeastern of Rancagua and 3,1 miles to the east of Malloa.

The miraculous image of Santa Rosa arrived at Pelequén when at the ending of the War between Chile and the Peru Confederation -Bolivian. August 30th of 1881, the solemn transfer of the image was carried out from the inner clan of the parochial church of Malloa, to the new church of Pelequén, in the middle of popular fervor.

The February 8th of 1897 Don Mariano Casanova created the Parish of Pelequén. That first temple was totally destroyed by the earthquake of August 16th of 1906 then rose a second temple but it was not so solid and the earthquake of the December 2th of 1928 left it in very bad conditions. Later, it was fitted out the new temple of three ample large halls, a mixed romantic gothic. It was inaugurated the August 29th of 1929.

The faithful people concur to the sanctuary from one week before and one week after the festivity that is annually celebrated August 30th.

There are masses in summer, Saturday at 20 hours, Sunday and festive at 9 and 11 hours; in winter, Saturday at l9 hours, Sunday and festive at 9 and 11 hours. The church is open throughout the day.

Access to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosa of Lima:

In order to arrive at the Sanctuary Santa Rosa of Lima from Santiago, in mile 73,9 by the Pan-American South, you will begin to see great amount of positions of fresh fruit and sale of brooms, artisan tradition arisen with the plantations from curagüilla in this zone whose seeds also are used like food of birds.

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