Termas del Flaco Hot Springs

El Flaco Hot Spring in Chile

El Flaco Hot Spring in Chile

The road towards the Termas del Flaco Hot Spring (the Skinny One) is a beautiful stroll with a view to the pre-mountain range, and soon to go into the high mountain range. It is a circuit of 113.089 miles of round trip from San Fernando, most of it in a debris road. Narrow and winding road with organized traffic with schedule: from Monday to Saturday, the ascent is of 16 to 24 hours; the slope of 6 to 14 hours, Sunday and festive, the ascent is of 5 to 12 hours; the slope of 14 to 24 hours.

In miles 34 or direct miles 46 from San Fernando, you will arrive at Termas del Flaco, in an altitude of 5,64 feet. It has healthy mineral water baths that reach 134 Fahrenheit. In the small town diverse fairs with crafts are distributed to many lodgings with different prices and, grass, creams and oils of mosqueta rose and others. These are calm surroundings, where you will be disconnected of everything.

Nearby attractions:

Chorro de La Vieja in Termas del Flaco.

Chorro de La Vieja in Termas del Flaco.

Black Bridge (Puente Negro), a village of irregular layout, located to borders of matting shaded by great willows. Visit the La Casa de Piedra restaurant, specialist in Chilean furnace breadcrumbs (empanadas) and casseroles of chicken (cazuelas).

Las Sierras de Bella Vista is a beautiful small village with summer houses in mountain style, in the middle of hills covered by pines, next to bars Misurina. There is good fishing in the environs and an excellent hostal, with field of golf and horses for strolls.

Alto Huemul: an extraordinary place of oaks of almost 3,000 hectares in the river basin of the Claro River (Rio Claro). This forest has been declared Sanctuary of Nature.

El Chorro de la Vieja: a waterfall, on its way you will find the country men, carriers (cowboys) appear with their donkeys, horses and cows that circulate slowly by the road.

La Virgen: The virgin is at the top of a mountain, approachable through wooden stairs to make the passage easier. The virgin was made of bronze and was robbed of town some years ago. The thief hid it at the top of the hill, between waterfalls, and it remained there to transform itself into a new attractiveness. They are open from mid December until Easter, depending on the climate and the state of the road that is apt for all type of vehicles.

Tracks of Dinosaurs (Huellas de Dinosaurios)

At 1.640 feet of Termas del Flaco Hot Spring is the place known as The Dino (El Dino). In a rock strong wall you will see the petrified tracks of herbivorous dinosaurs, of their small youngest and carnivorous terapodos. They were printed in the mud, 160 million years ago, when this one was a coastal area with chorale barriers. They were covered by volcanic ash, which preserved them. The strong wall is inclined due to the later folding of the terrestrial crust. The Tracks of Dinosaurs were declared National Monument .

In order to make tours and excursions from the Termas del Flaco Hot Spring:

– Shangrí-Lá cabins (Cabañas Shangrí-Lá), offer trekking and fish in the Ciara River (Rio Ciara), in the sector of Black Bridge (Puente Negro), Information.

– Chiquillanes of the Tinguiririca (Chiquillanes del Tinguiririca), organize trekking, cavalcades and scalings in the sector of Black Bridge (Puente Negro) and Termas del Flaco Hot Spring and rafting in the rivers Claro and Tinguiririca (en los rios Claro y Tinguiririca). Visits to the Glacier University (Glaciar Universidad) and Towers of the Wizard (Torres del Brujo).

– Ranch the Enchantment (Hacienda El Encanto), offers you vary modalities of excursions in the ranch and the environs, visiting the sectors of The Lagoon the Enchantment (La Laguna El Encanto), The Apple Tree (El Manzano), Virgin of the Slope (Virgen de la Vertiente), Pools of the Peumo (Pozas del Peumo), the Glory and the Caves (La Gloria y las Cuevillas). It includes lamb barbecue. The lamb meat is inserted in a piece of wood and cooked slowly by the fire, which is a tradition in Chile.

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