Curico Valley Wine Route

Curico Valley, central area of Chile

Curico Valley, central area of Chile

Curicó Valley Wine Route is located 41.6 miles north from Talca and 14.2 miles south east from Los Ñiches. Curicó Valley is one of Chile wine route sites and it is 3 hours  by car from Santiago, within the same area are also Colchagua Valley Wine routes as well. There are other wine day tours in the central zone for those who which to make a short stop.

Curicó Valley Wine Route’s circuits begin in Curicó from the Wine Route’s Office, where you can see an exhibition of the wines belonging to the valley. The route is conformed by 17 vineyards from Curico, Sagrada Familia and Molina: AltaCima, Aresti, Astaburuaga, Correa Albano, Echeverría, Inés Escobar, La Fortuna, Las Pitras, Los Robles, Mario Edwards, Miguel Torres, Millaman, Pirazzoli, San Pedro, San Rafael, Santa Hortensia y Valdivieso and they combine in its circuits technology and tradition, showing from the wine industry to boutiques and storehouses of the employers’ houses and its parks.
In this Curico Valley Wine tours is possible to learn about the process of wine making, assembling room, labeling and tasting export wines, all in an amazing landscape, taste different kinds of grape juices, enjoy delicious food, buy handcrafted items and learn some more about the farm traditions from this zone.

Among the wide variety of gastronomy offer included in the Wine Route’s circuits, the most remarkable restaurants are: Viña Torres located in the same vineyard (closed on Mondays). La Casa de la Esquina (The House of the Corner), located in a residential area of Curicó (Closed on Sundays). La Unión Club – which offers Peruvian food – located in front of the Main Square. Colo Colo – famous for it’s “plateadas” , an special kind of meat cut and “arrollado huaso”, rolled pork meat with other species located in Romeral. Those restaurants that belong to Villa el Descanso Hotel and Turismo Hotel have attractive executive menus. Furthermore you can have lunch at the vineyards with their owners if you arrange it in advance.

Among the main circuits you can find at Curicó Valley Wine Route, the most remarkable are:

Wine’s Secret. Half a day tour visiting two vineyards

Vineyards’ Charm, whole day tour visiting the vineyards.

Wine’s secret and Lake’s Spell, two days long.

There are optional services for transfers and bilingual tour guides.

Tours are available in English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian and can be taken from Monday to Sunday with certain restrictions.

The circuits can be complemented with another kind of activities among which the most remarkable are a visit Terramater atelier produces its olive oil and then to taste it, visiting a packing or Tortas Montero, the traditional factory of handmade biscuits.

All the circuits include wine tasting which – most of the times are done next to barrels and cascs.

** Information related to Hours, Rates and Dates might change without any previous notice **

Vineyard located in Curico Valley, Chile

Vineyard located in Curico Valley, Chile