Los Bellotos National Reserve

Los Bellotos National Reserve, Chile

Los Bellotos National Reserve, Chile

Los Bellotos National Reserve is placed in terrains previous to the beginning of Linares Province’ mountain range. You access it by land – from Linares – through a dirt and stones road that reaches Canal Mellado tunnel, passing by Ancoa Reservoir and Roblería, in a trip of 34.1 miles.

Los Bellotos National Reserve’s surface is 417 hectares and its high varies between 1.300 and 2.010 meters above sea level.

Nature in Los Bellotos National Reserve:

One of its highlights is the Beilschmiedia miersii – an endangered species which only exists in this protected area. Among other trees you will be able to se Maule’s oak, oak, coihue, mountain chain’s cypress, Cryptocaria alba, litri, quillai and hazel tree.

The birds present in the reserve are the black carpenter, pitío, tricahue parrot, eagle, Pyrocephalus rubinus, fio fío, parrakeet, Milvago chimango and Troglodytes aedon.

Forrest located in Los Bellotos National Reserve

Forest located in Los Bellotos National Reserve

It is a beautiful trip to the mountain – to Linares’ mountain range area – with a particular kind of vegetation and an excellent tourism infrastructure within the nearby areas.

Los Bellotos National Reserve’s management office is located at the entrance of the area. It is not equipped for picnic or camping.

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