Radal 7 Tazas National Park

View of beautiful waterfalls at Radal 7 Tazas National Park

View of waterfalls at Radal 7 Tazas National Park

Radal 7 Tazas National Park is 155 miles from Santiago, 37.2 miles southeast from Curicó, and 62.1 miles northeast from Talca.

Radal 7 Tazas National Park has 5.147 hectares and it was created in 1981. It is situated exactly in the basin of Claro River. It’s altitude varies between the 600 and 20156 meters. Radal 7 Tazas National Park is managed and protected by the Forrest National Corporation (CONAF).

Weather and Climate conditions

The weather at Radal 7 Tazas National Park, is hot and dry mild, even though in winter there are great blizzards.

Natural sightings:

Velo de la novia in the Radal 7 Tazas National Park.

Velo de la novia in the Radal 7 Tazas National Park.

Formed naturally through millions of years due to the mountain range water course of Claro river. These beautiful waterfalls can be clearly seen from watchtowers located along the thick vegetation of the area. To access the watchtower it is necessary to pay a small fee to CONAF.

It is a series of 22 waterfalls in the area of Parque Inglés (English Park), 12 of them over 2 meters high, produced by Claro river, which runs through a deep throat posted at regular intervals, forming ponds surrounded by native vegetation. The waterfalls: El Velo de la Novia (The Brides’ Vail), 50 meters high, and the Salto de la Leona (The Lioness’ Waterfall), and Siete Tazas (Seven Cups).

Wildlife in the park:

Flora of Radal 7 Tazas National Park is diverse, but its importance in related to the conservation fo almost extinct species. Such is the case of the cypress of the mountain range, and the myrtaceous tree, besides, you can admire oaks, hualos, coigües and ñirres, which with their diverse colours, specially during autumn and winter, when there is a great contrast with the snow in the high summits.

Fauna of Radal 7 Tazas National Park is characterized by common species of mammals like the fox, the skunk, and birds like the ringdove, the parakeet and the duck. You can distinguish the pudú, the puma, the culpeo fox, the quique, the Vizcacha, the Colo-Colo wild cat, and the skunk, among others. In here you will also be able to find two of the three species of marsupials of the country, the yaca, and the mount little monkey.

Activities that can be performed at Radal 7 Tazas National Park


There are 15 places at the Radal area, and other 15 at the English Park (Parque Inglés) area, both have rustic infrastructure


Trekking Pathway to Salto de la Leona (Lioness’ waterfall): 20 minutes journey.

For those more experimented there are remarkable hills to hike: El Alto 2.156 meters, The Coligua (2.026 meters), The Frutillar (1.680 meters ), El Fraile (The Friar) (1.425 meters), and El Cordón de Guamparo (2.146 meters).


At Claro River. Siete Tazas is a kayak circuit world wide known.

-Horseback Riding:

Horses can be rented near the area of the management area at English Park (Parque Inglés).

-Mountain Bike:

You can travel the way to Cerro El Fraile (The Friar Hill) to enjoy the beautiful views to the valley

Main pathways of Radal 7 Tazas National Park

  • Salto de la Leona Atretsh, 20 minutes walk. It can be done by anybody.
  • El Coigue Interpretative Pathway, 1 hour walk
  • Los Chiquillanes Excursion Pathway, 4 hours walk.
  • El Bolson- Valle del Indio Excursion Pathway, 2 days trekking.
  • Baños El Volcán Path,(watering resort) it takes 3 days, and it is performed outside from the area.

Cultural Patrimony of Radal 7 Tazas National Park

There are 33 archaeological sites, from which 28 correspond to fields with remains of indigenous occupation and, the remaining 5 would correspond to sites of historical occupation at the protected area as well as the nearby sectors. The indigenous tribes took advantage of the basaltic-andesita quarries and the obsidian deposits to gather raw material to elaborate their stone instruments.

Access to Radal 7 Tazas National Park

The road to Radal 7 Tazas National Park is a beautiful journey through wine vaults, historical sites and amazing natural corners. This is a 102 miles round trip, with 77 paved kilometers and 87 unpaved kilometers. It is a sinuous way, through a mountain chain ravine.

From Molina, you can take the variant that reaches Radal 7 Tazas National Park, travelling across the Arco Oriente (East Arch), paved road, parallel to the 5 south route. It is a 64 km (39.7 miles) journey, with 25 (15.5) paved and 39 (24.2) unpaved road.

The road is full of stones and fit for traffic all year round, excepting the distance from the Radal to the English Park area, which imply some difficulties during winter due to the snow in the road.

From Curicó leave through the Panamerican highway towards the south, and at kilometer 8, you turn left through the paved road that crosses Lontué to turn right towards Molina. The road goes through vineyards and old rural houses shaded by high poplars.

Radal 7 Tazas National Park Information

During summer – form December to February – Radal 7 Tazas National Park is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 20:30.

Between March and November is from Monday to Sunday, from 9 to 17.

Radal 7 Tazas National Park’s Management Office and Environmental Information Center are 9 kms (5.6 miles) far from the Radal, at English Park area. The management office of Radal 7 Tazas National Park , where CONAF – which manages the Park – keeps a permanent exhibition of archaeological pieces like fossilized animals, stones drilled by water force, geomorphological background of the area, and where you can find more specific information about Radal 7 Tazas National Park.

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