Easter Island:Hotels quick guide.

The first time, I spent in Easter Island (Isla de Pascua), I was nicely  impressed by the climate conditions, people and  service. Within my experience, a guide for the hotels in Easter Island is quite useful, specially because there is a limited offer of accommodations spaces in the island.

For those who are planning a travel to Easter island, there is a great variety of Hotels in Easter Island. From 5 star hotels to hostels and lodge whose owners are native island people and are always concerned to provide a top quality service.

In the case of the hostels, the rooms are usually smaller. The owners of the hostels are natives that have built additional rooms in their houses. Because it is attended by Pascuenses (People from Easter Island) there is always the possibility to take excursions with them as guides through the Island.

Most of the hotels in Easter Island have spacious rooms and beautiful gardens spaces, offering to the travelers a relaxing and comfortable experience. There are hotels like Iorana Hotel and Hanga Roa Hotel that offer  spectacular views to the Pacific Ocean. The recently open Mike Rapu Hotel is  one of the premium hotels in the Island. This hotel belong to Explora Hotels, one of the luxury hotels holdings in Chile. The company has one hotel in Torres del Paine National Park and another one in San Pedro de Atacama. In Explora Hotels the philosophy is based on passengers are the explorers, so they decide what to see. In Easter Island for example, the Hotel consider 9 different explorations through Easter Island, so every night after dinner passengers meet with their guides and decide the program for the next day.

From almost all the hotels and hostels you have a view to the Pacific Ocean, but not in all of them. There are hotels that in spite of not having view to the Pacific Ocean, have spectacular services and attention. There are hotels as Hotu Matua, with a great garden, beautiful rooms and nice service. Other Hotels as Otai Hotel, and Manavai Hotel both located in the main street of Hanga Roa.

The Island is rather small, so it is not so necessary to be located in the city side in Hanga Roa. Many hotels are dispersed in the island, but near the urban perimeter ( 5 or 6 kilometers approximately from Hanga Roa).

In summary, Easter Island has around 30 different places to stay (between Hotels, Hostels and lodges). However, most of them, specially hostels and lodges have few rooms, which is the main reason why I recommend you to take reservations in advance. Remember that LAN is the only airline that flies from Santiago to Easter Island. Flights are not daily, so it is very important that as soon as you decide the season you want to arrive on the Island, take reservations and don’t miss your spot in the island.

Take notice: February stands as the month of highest demand of accommodation, because the celebration of several traditional rituales in the island.